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How to Road Trip around Uganda

The pearl of Africa has one of the premier road trips in East Africa and Africa at large. They are characterized with beautiful landscape, sceneries, paved roads, historic landmarks, nature and incredible views.

The pearl of Africa has one of the premier road trips in East Africa and Africa at large. They are characterized with beautiful landscape, sceneries, paved roads, historic landmarks, nature and incredible views.

Road tripping around Uganda is a best way to fully discover the Pearl of Africa – Uganda, at your own pace. There are multitudinous amazing places that you can go to on your road trip in Uganda and you are guaranteed with great memories from wherever you will have visited. This article reflects you on how you can road trip around Uganda:

A proficient car rental company

Road tripping in Uganda is very possible when you consult a competent rental company that will make your trip an exceptional and successful one. A proficient rental company will provide high-class services such as good quality cars, and everything it will provide is of a world-class type. Of course, every traveler would love to get the best value out of his/her road trip in Uganda and the only way to achieve this is by contacting a proficient car rental company.

Know where to road trip in Uganda

Before even arriving in the Pearl of Africa, it is very great and more rewarding when you identify the places you will visit during your road tripping around Uganda. It is better to go to Uganda with your travel itinerary well designed indicating all the places you are to go to while road tripping.

Where necessary, you should also let your company informed on where you will be going such that it eases your safari through; booking for you a gorilla permit (if you are interested in trekking the rare endangered mountain gorillas), booking for you a chimpanzee permit (if you want to track the common chimpanzees), booking for you a fantastic accommodation, booking for you a golden monkey permit if it is what you are interested in, and it will also book for you any mountain’s permit that you will be interested in to hike for example Mountain Rwenzori, and Mountain Elgon, among others.

Among the favourite places to move to in Uganda during a road trip include; Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park (gorilla trekking), Queen Elizabeth National Park, Jinja city, Murchison Falls National Park, Lake Victoria (Ssese islands), Kibale Forests National Park (chimpanzee tracking), Entebbe town, Kampala city, Kidepo Valley National Park, and many others.

You need a private car

The most convenient and perfect way of exploring the Pearl of Africa is by use of a private car because it will give you much freedom and flexibility, hence doing things at your own pace. Though you can also explore Uganda with an aid of a public car but remember that this is totally bothersome and you can’t really enjoy your trip to the fullest.

4×4 Car Hire Uganda provides good and nice vehicles ideal for road trips, and among them include; Land Cruisers, Rav4, Super Customs, Coaster Buses, and Safari Vans. You really need to first cross check the car rented to you thoroughly well to ensure that it is in the very fine condition to offer you the best. With your private car, you can travel wherever you want to go in Uganda and go away with great long-lasting memories.

The Best Car Hire Company in Uganda

4X4 Car Hire Uganda is one of the best and most convenient car rental companies in Uganda which has been expanding day by day ever since its inaugural. The main aim of the company is to offer first-class services to its clients and ensure that they go away with memorable exploits.

The 4×4 Car Hire Uganda offers various fleets at an affordable and reasonable price and you will be able to evidence its extraordinary quality service and vehicles at thousands of locations all over Uganda – your chosen vehicle will be brought to you at the exact place you want it to meet you.

If you want your vehicle to be brought to you at the Entebbe International Airport or any nearby hotel in Kampala (Uganda’s capital city), you won’t pay any extra charge but if you want the vehicle to be brought to you at far places from Kampala such as Jinja, Mbarara, Karamoja, and Fort Portal, you will only pay for the fuel used to bring the vehicle to you and also give some little transport to the person who dropped the vehicle to you such that he/she goes back to Kampala.

4X4 Car Hire Uganda offers a wide range of rental car service in Uganda to make sure you have the right vehicle for your next trip. You can guarantee automatic transmission, so that you don’t have to worry too much about driving in a new country!

4X4 Car Hire Uganda’s Staff

To make it clear, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of 4X4 Car Hire Uganda is called Konde Moses, a very kind, educated, enlightened, and experienced business man. Moses is very friendly and you will evidence this after meeting him, otherwise you are guaranteed with a superb trip.

Like the company’s CEO, all of 4X4 Car Hire Uganda’s staff members are very friendly and are not happy before its client comes back from the field and tells them he/she has had a fantastic trip, that’s when their happiness will really be seen.

The first priority of 4X4 Car Hire Uganda is to ensure that its clients get the best (more than what they expect) out of their trips, and they (staff) are very delighted after seeing you very excited and happy after the trip.

4X4 Car Hire Uganda’s Headquarters

The headquarters of 4X4 Car Hire Uganda are located along Kampala- Entebbe highway on a building called Najja Shopping Centre, room 03 E, on the third floor. The headquarters are about 30 minutes’ drive from the city centre of Kampala, and about 45 minutes’ drive from Entebbe International Airport.

4X4 Car Hire Uganda’s Fleets

The company provides all the favourite fleets mostly asked by Uganda’s travelers, and these include; Rav4, Super Custom, Safari Vans, Extended Land Cruisers, Coaster Buses, and Land Cruisers TX, GX, VX, V8 and TZ.

As the company’s name, all its fleets are of 4-wheel drive (4WD) and are of the best-quality due to the fact that they are highly serviced by the company’s expert mechanics and technicians. The fleets have different rates depending on which one you want to use. The starting rate to hire a car is US$ 45 per day but discounts are always given to those who will be traveling for many days but since it is a very friendly and cooperative rental company, you never know after politely talking to it, you can be given a discount depending on the negotiations between both parties.

4X4 Car Hire Uganda’s recommendations after hiring a car

Though Uganda comprises of very many must-visit places, there are those you shouldn’t really miss after hiring a car from 4X4 Car Hire Uganda, and these include; Bwindi Impenetrable Forests National Park, Jinja city (for the source of the Nile), Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Kibale Forests National Park, and the Ssese Islands on the second largest lake in the world, Lake Victoria, for holidays and vacations.

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