How to schedule a message on Telegram


Here’s how to schedule a message on Telegram

There are things that can always wait, however much eager you are to get them done. It could be a Telegram message that you wish to send to a friend or relative but might want it to reach later. The app has a feature that lets you schedule a Telegram message to be delivered at some point in the future.

Before you can start using the feature, you’ll need to note that this feature will only work if you have the latest version of the Telegram app. So, open the Play Store app, go to My Appsand check for updates.

Here’s how you can use it:

1. Open the Telegram app on your phone.

2. Head to the conversation where you want to send a scheduled message.

3. Type in your message, and long-press the send button.

4. Select the “Schedule Message” option, and select the date and time.

5. Once you schedule a message, you’ll see a clock icon in your chatbox. If you tap on that, you’ll be able to see all your scheduled messages and edit, reschedule, or delete them if needed.

You can set reminders for yourself too. To do so:

1. Go to your app Settings

2. Then to Saved messages,

3. Type in your message, and long-press the send button. You’ll see the “set a reminder” option.

You have to follow the same procedure as above to schedule a massage for yourself. This is useful for when you want to check out a link later.


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