I have evidence of pre-ticked ballots in fovor of Lukwago! MP Nabilah sights irregularities in Mayoral race

National Unity Platform flag bearer for the Kampala Lord Mayoral race Hon Nabilah Naggayi Ssempala has expressed her dissatisfaction in the pre-election behaviour of some candidates in an election that she is taking part in.

Nabilah who was speaking to journalists after casting her vote said she had an incident in the night where a concerned resident called her to report a matter of election rigging.

“At around midnight, I was called by a resident in Kawempe that they had information that there was a rigging happening at Global Primary School near Tibah School and he told me there were people sneaking into the polling station,” she shared.

Kampala Woman MP and aspirant Kampala Lord Mayor, Nabilah Naggayi Sempala casting her vote on Wednesday morning (PHOTO/Courtesy).

She later received a message that the perpetrators had been apprehended and taken to Kawempe Mbogo Police station.

Joseph Mayanja aka Chameleone, one of the mayoral candidates called her in solidarity to inform him about the matter as well saying; ‘Beautiful Woman, Bachali bano bagala kutubba Kalulu, but I wish you well and I want the best person to win.’

Mayanja being a resident of the said area was the one apprehending the perpetrators in which a scuffle between him and the people that were apprehended ensured one of them being Lord Mayor Lukwago’s brother, a one Swaib.

“When they apprehended the brother, he called for reinforcement and two cars came in with posters, sticks, stones there in, so it was going to be a big mess. When I went in to check on the matter, I saw Lord Mayor Lukwago’s brother because I know him personally, I was in shock and disgusted.”

Nabilah explained that Joseph Mayanja’s brother came and made a case which she has reference of but a police officer that preferred anonymity at the station told her that he got a call from the Kampala Metropolitan Police commander telling him to release the suspects.

“I said this was strange because if they were NUP people that were caught with these sticks and stones none of them would be let to go scot-free.”

On her Mayoral bid, she said the people of Kampala who she still represents as a member of parliament have assured her of victory.

“I made this transition with a feeling that I have served as a member of parliament but I feel that Kampala has a vacuum in implementing what members of parliament legislate. The budget of Kampala is dully given to the Lord Mayor’s office and his Council, so I think that vacuum for the people of Kampala also the lack of action and complaining that has been on for 10 years needs to be wiped.”

She explained that in most cases if the complaining is not about a minister, it is about the executive director and councillors.

“I think Kampala deserves some work, deserves better and it deserves implementation because that’s the role of the Lord Mayor and his council, so I hope this time round people will see the change they want.”

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