I will not let my wife’s memory to be tarnished – Ambassador Amoko 

Ambassador Idule Amoko , the husband of the late Supreme Court Justice Stella Arach Amoko has vowed to continue protecting the legacy of his wife despite of the several challenges.

Widower Ambassador Idule Amoko laying a wreath on the fallen Lady Justice’s casket


Afew days after he has lost the court battle to have the body of his wife laid to rest in Nebbi district instead of Adjumani as he had suggested, the Ambassador expressed concern about the unsual occurances which have occurred ever since Arach Amoko’s death.

“We are deeply saddened by many of the events since the passing of my late wife, Hon. Justice Mary Stella Arach-Amoko, and disappointed by the untruths that have been peddled by those we have lived with as family for generations. It has been a rude awakening for our family and for the Madi Community.”

He adds that it has been a touching moment, when they have heard from so many that have worked with the late, about what an inspiration she was to them. “I will not let her memory be

tarnished, any more than it has already been by these events. It is time for my wife to be laid to rest.”

The Ambassador noted that he is silent despite of all that is being talked about him is an Ultimate price which he has to pay for loving his wife.

“My honour to her in death is a small price to pay because I loved and cherished her and will continue to do so.

What cannot be contested is that I and my family all loved and respected her in life. There was never a need to put this on mere paper when it was simply the way we all existed everyday for 30 years.”

He further added that he will abide by court decision that ordered the burrial to be held at Jukia Hill ward ,Juba Village, Nebbi district.

Its over aweek now ever since Justice Stella Arach Amoko passed away , but the burrial has never been held because of the misunderstandings which happened between some of the family members. Recently Court resolved that she should be burried at the place she wished her body to laid to rest.

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