IAN ORTEGA: Why Museveni must be be a mandatory subject for all secondary school students

Commentary junky, Ian Ortega

When I get time off my busy schedule in Nkonkonjeru City, I will embark on writing President Yoweri Museveni’s biography. He is an interesting person to study.

Many think they have understood him, only to get shocked! Everything Museveni does is calculated to perfection. Whether it is his silence, his actions or inactions.

Let me give an example. You may go to State House, present a case and Museveni directs the comptroller to give you money. Now depending on how he says it, the people at State House will know whether it is something to act on or something he said just to keep you happy.

A number of people will get annoyed thinking it is State House officials that have denied them the cash, but in actual sense, Museveni indirectly told them not to act on his directive.

Museveni can create a problem, act shocked at the problem then show up with a solution. You think when UPDF beats up the opposition, Museveni is not aware? He will allow it for the time when it is useful to his cause. All through the elections.

When the elections are done, he will show up, act surprised at the barbaric actions, assure everyone that UPDF aka NRA is better than this. Of course this is also an arrangement with the Western powers.

Although Museveni is their ally, they also need him to do something to appease the constituencies back home, something to show that he has budged under pressure and promised to take action.

Today’s speech for example is just about that! The normal rinse and repeat! It is not that Museveni is panicking! Far from it! He’s played this game longer than you can imagine. Only an intelligent man holds power for over 30 years.

Unfortunately most of Museveni’s opponents underestimate his abilities. And that is his greatest strength. As for Museveni, he overestimates his opponents, thus plans even better!

Within two minutes of meeting Museveni, he will always know whether you are someone useful to him or useless to his cause. He will know precisely for how long he will keep you close and when he will drop you off. As the rest of the world thinks about today and tomorrow, Museveni is already planning for 2026.

Museveni keeps his cards close to his chest! You can never know what he is thinking, what he is planning. As you think of a Mbabazi return, he will shock you with a Nabbanja!

Museveni must be a mandatory subject for secondary school students!

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