IGP Ochola confused as three police stations disown policing Komamboga

The official Uganda Police Force policing map for the Kampala Metropolitan region placed Komambooga, where the bomb blasted on Saturday, under Kasangati Division.

The area is, however, policed by the three surrounding police divisions including Kasangati, Kiira and Kawempe.
A map from the Uganda Police Force ICT Directorate’s GIS (Geographical Information System) Unit, used by the police to guide the operation areas has details.

The nearest police station to Komambooga is Sekanyonyi police post, which is in Kasangati division, and is said to be handling much of the cases from the area. The second police station handling Komambooga is Universal under Kiira division and it is followed by Kanyanya police post under Kawempe division.

Kanyanya is said to be the oldest police post among the three and was originally policing Komabooga.

“It used to be Kanyanya police post in charge of Komambooga. When Sekanyonyi police post was brought nearer from the side of Kasangati division, it started handling our cases in Kamambooga,” said a senior source a local from the area.


SOURCE: Designed by GIS Mapping Unit, ICT Directorate, UPF Tel_0717812500
Circled (in red) is the crime scene in Kwata Zone, Komambooga.

The blue line demarcates the boundaries of Kawempe division (insignia 1) on the left and Kasangati (insignia 2) on the right.
Police has maintained that Komambooga is under the 3 police divisions of Kasangati, Kawempe and Kiira but noted that Kwata zone, where the incident happened, is in Kawempe division, as opposed to the map.

The Kawata Zone LC1, Mr. Fred Sekayonda Fred said that they are “confused” on where they belong since the 3 police stations located in Kasangati, Kawmpe and Kiira divisions are all handling their area.

“Honestly we are confused. We see officers coming from Skanyonyi (Kasangati), Universal (Kiira) and Kanyanya (Kawempe),” he said.

He also said that the area used to be under Kanyanya but the coming in of Sekanyonyi and Universal police posts changed things.
“When Sekanyonyi was brought near us here we started seeing them handling our area.

Officers also come from Universal and sometimes those from Kawempe,” he said.

The police 999 patrol vehicles always combing the area are said to be from Kasangati and Kiira.

“Let them check on the CCTV cameras. Most patrols coming here are from Kasangati and some from Kiira,” said a source.

Police was also by Monday evening still torn on the move to arrest a DPC from one of the divisions or all of them, since they have just returned from training in Olilim (Lango-Karamoja borders).

“The DPCs have just returned to their desks. They were not in charge for months and placing the blame on them would be funny,” said a source.

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