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Inside Kampala’s most notorious sex hub where ‘Satan is in full control of affairs’

A search for a nice Sauna service spot has led me, along with another friend to New Base Hotel between Nateete and Busega in Rubaga Division Kampala (PHOTO /Representative Image) 

It’s a Sunday evening at around 6 pm and outside, people rash to get home lest they get caught up in the evening curfew.
A search for a nice  Sauna service spot has led me, along with another friend to New Base Hotel between Nateete and Busega in Rubaga Division Kampala.

Like any other dubious location, a heavy and steady security detail guards the mega facility’s entrance so it can look like no suspicious activity goes on inside. It’s the sharp gaze from a pretentiously indifferent gateman that tells you this might be a place buzzing with activity. He demonstratively signals me where to park my fairly old Nadia before sanitizing my hands before entry is permitted.

As soon as we pass the entrance, we are greeted by an expansive hall with empty seats and slumbering monster TV screens suggesting a long period of inactivity. Without much care, we proceed to the next counter where some two insanely nice-looking girls invitingly announce the price list which is way above what nearby service providers charge.

“Is it your first time to come here?” One of them asked and I node in the affirmative, not figuring out whether or not my honesty is called for with all this exactness.

“It’s 20,000 for Sauna and 30,000 for full body massage,” she continues as I get submerged in evil thoughts.
Money, it’s okay. I pay for both myself and a friend that has traveled with me. But as I wait to be given a wrapper for the sauna, two insanely beautiful fairly young ladies, seemingly between 18 and 23 are on our case!

“Uncle, why don’t we go for the massage first? I can assure you of the best massage experience you have ever wished for,” She begs my friend who, like me, is already dragged to the dreamland. But somehow, we can jump that temptation.

The room where we are to leave our clothes as men is just opposite that for the women and the doors are kept fully open on either side. We are told to leave all the clothes there, save for the wrappers provided. The girls in the other room keep flipping their wrappers to temptingly expose their insides. It’s a mini intro to what we are headed for going forward. But no problem, we are ready for anything by now.

Down the steps, after the changing room is a large expanse of open space with a giant screen showing Manchester United and another team I don’t remember. There are about 50 plastic chairs majority of which are occupied by all manners of men with their bodies only shielded by the wrappers akin to what I and my companion have just been given.

Behind the expanse, there is a door that leads to a sauna and two others on either side. Three in number. In and out keeps coming wonderfully molded girls with wrappers different from ours, and sometimes completely naked! Invitingly, they call on the salivating “uncles” as they enter one sauna room from another.

Anxiously, I make up my mind on where to enter and I go exactly where a brown slim Rossy-eyed seemingly teenaged girl has invited me to.

Inside, I am greeted by a foggy atmosphere that it takes at least five minutes for my eyes to get used to and begin seeing a thing. People there are in pairs. Some romancing, others moaning in ecstasy, girls scrubbing naked men’s faces, naked girls giving full-body massage to old pot-bellied men while others are shamelessly enjoying sex as no one cares.

The devil, and not God is in control here!

As I continue fighting the temptation stopping me from getting out of here, there comes a voice speaking to me like the one that spoke to Moses at Mount Sinai.

” Why are you looking at them like that Mr. Handsome? Can we do some massage or body scrub? ” She asks.

” If you want some apples in here, it’s 10,000 without the massage, and if both, it’s 20,000. And it’s a special offer for just you. And you lucky I have not seen any man today,” she emphasizes as her temptingly soft hands explore my aroused body from head to toe.

Will I survive this mysterious girl whose face I haven’t even been able to see due to the mist inside?

To be continued in Part 2

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