Inside the kind of house you can build with UGX50M

A bungalow with 2 bedrooms. Photo Credit Ugandan Wire

A bungalow with 2 bedrooms (PHOTO /Ugandan Wire)

Dennis Juuko, a real estate agent with ample experience in construction, told the Daily Monitor that USh50M could build you a house, but it depends on the size and the building materials used. Expensive materials such as roof tiles and aluminium windows may not fit within that budget.

An architectural plan that caters for schedules, working drawings, elevations, and other factors which will affect the USh50M budget is vital, he explains.

Mr. Wilbrod Muhanguzi, a civil engineer at Seyani International Co. Ltd, affirms that USh50M can build a house, “Yes, one can get a fully complete and finished three bedroomed self-contained house with USh50M,” he says.

According to Muhanguzi, to save money and space, you can build a house with a merged open living area, a sitting room, a dining room, and a kitchen. Each of these functional spaces should flow into the other.

Alternatively, USh50M can also build you two bedrooms with one self-contained master bedroom, a restroom, and a store. With the right professionals and approved plans, you are ready to construct, Muhanguzi told the Daily Monitor.

Mr. Muhanguzi advises builders to purchase materials in bulk. “Purchasing all the materials in phases, transport costs for the materials might kick in because of multiple trips, and you end up spending more. It is easier to bargain when buying in bulk,” says Muhanguzi.

In agreement with Mr. Muhanguzi, Emmanuel Ecodu, an architectural designer, agrees, “Yes, USh50M can get one a 50 square metre house. Each square metre covers a million shillings,” Daily Monitor reports.

“That is roughly a two-bedroomed house with all the finishing costs included,” he says.

The Daily Monitor noted USh50M could indeed get you home and perhaps end the anxiety of renting. Homes come in all aspects, but it all comes down to your financial muscle. In cases where one lacks a consistent flow of income, build in phases.

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