INVESTIGATIONS: Fort Portal mayor was framed in sex scandal allegation

Fort Portal Municipality Mayor, Rev Willy Kintu Muhanga

On Monday evening, Fort Portal town and social media were awash with allegations that Fort Portal Municipality Mayor, Rev Willy Kintu Muhanga, had been netted in a compromising situation in his office with a married woman only identified as Martha.

It was alleged that Martha’s husband, Marvin Amon Balya had, with his friends, found her in Muhanga’s office at around 7:30pm allegedly having an intercourse.

But our investigation has finally discovered that it was a pre-meditated act meant to soil the mayor’s image in the public and and also impoverish him so that he is unable to stand for upcoming elections.

We have reliably learnt that people who claimed to have witnessed the act were simply basing on lies and hearsay, and have since given varying accounts.

For instance, audio clips that were recorded and shared on WhatsApp by one of Balya’s friend who is also the Kabarole district councilor representing South Division Fort Portal, Joram Bintamanya, claim that Balya broke the door to Muhanga’s office and found the two naked.

However, when our reporter went to the office, it was found that the door was intact and there were no visible signs that it had been broken, repaired, or tampered with.

In another video clip that has been widely shared, the Kabarole Resident District Commissioner – RDC Steven Asiimwe, is heard saying that after finding Muhanga in a compromising situation, he intervened to take him to police.

However, when our reporter contacted Asiimwe to clarify on whether he found Muhanga having a sexual intercourse as it was being alleged, the RDC simply said that he was busy and that the mayor himself is in a better situation to tell what happened.

Jospesh Ndamira Musirikale, the councilor representing Nyabukara ward in the Fort Portal municipal council, is also heard in the darkened video making calls to some people explaining to them that Muhanga had been netted with someone’s wife in his office.

On Tuesday, when our reporter approached Musirikale to explain how he found the two and if he had photos or videos to back up his allegations, he simply said that he won’t comment on the matter again.

On his part, the mayor on Tuesday evening called for a presser but he was not the one who addressed the media even when he was in attendance. Instead, he appointed his lawyer, Victor Businge, to be the one to read his statement and also answer questions from the journalists on his behalf.

In the statement, Muhanga admitted that indeed, Martha was in his office between 5 and 6pm on Monday but not at 7:30pm as it was being alleged, and they were simply talking about her family problems.

He explained that he met Martha some months back when she was coming from Mountains of the Moon University and she was pregnant.

He added that she asked him for a lift in his car and along the way, she asked for financial assistance after explaining that Balya was not giving her any. The mayor gave her about 50,000 shillings.

Businge went on to say that Martha also asked to meet Muhanga at Cana Tina in Fort Portal where the reverend prays for people every Thursday so that he can also prayer for her to have a safe delivery, and this meeting also took place.

However, he said that on Monday Muhanga was in a salon and he received a text message from Martha asking him for a meeting, and he suggested that since he is working an urgent report needed in Belgium, the two could meet at his office.

As the meeting was going on, Businge added, Balya was heard on the corridors of the Muhanga’s office reportedly asking for materials to use to break his door, saying that the who were having a sexual intercourse.

It is at this time that Muhanga, out of fear for what Balya was planning to do, rushed and closed the door to his office. He then called a one Samuel Musana, the Fort Portal Physical Planner who was drafting the report needed in Belgium, to be around his door so that he can open.

The mayor then opened the door and Musana and Balya all entered and actually found that nothing was taking place, and the two were seated in different places.

The mayor’s lawyer went on to narrate that a scuffle ensued between Balya and his wife and all of sudden, the corridor was full of familiar voices like that of East Division Chairman, Willy Magezi and others.

The mayor at this point called the Kabarole District Police Commander to intervene.

The parties involved including the himself, Martha and Balya, were advised to move out of the public office and go to a private place to resolve the matter.

According to Muhanga’s statement, they went to Nyaika Hotel in Fort Portal town, but as soon as they had sat, Balya reportedly asked for 150 million shillings to calm down, which the mayor refused to pay. At this point, Balya got into his car with his wife and left.

Efforts to get Balya’s side of the story have since been futile as he ended the call shortly after our reporter mentioned the matter to him. Also, he has never made a pronouncement on the issue anywhere. Martha herself could not be traced for a comment on the same.

According to the Acting Rwenzori West Police Spokesperson, Solomon Mugisa, police heard about the allegations but waited for someone to report the case in vain.

Our reporterhas established that no case has ever been reported against the mayor in regards to the same.

Also, up to now, it is not yet clear how and why people like RDC Asiimwe, Musirikale, and others, who have always had political clashes with Muhanga, were among the first people at the scene.

According to Businge, his client was only framed by his political opponents, and everyone who circulated the allegations as truth will be sued for defamation.

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