OPINION: Is the Kabaka sick? 66th birthday celebrated amidst mixed emotions from his subjects

Kabaka Mutebi looked very sick as he attended his 66th birthday event (PHOTO/Courtesy).

KAMPALA — From the Video circulating online of the Kabaka in a very indescribable state, i am not happy about his sickly looks yet made to appear before the subjects. I would delight in celebrating his birthday when he’s able to smile with us. He appears so sick.

But it also leaves me wondering if someone has an explanation about the Kabaka’s health and needs to tell the Buganda fraternity what exactly is wrong OR if doctors have Confirmed that our Kabaka will live like that for the rest of his life and nothing more can be done to improve his state.

I also wonder if it is question of money which i highly doubt because we his subjects can fight tooth and nail to bring heaven down for his good health.

To take away the questions we all have, the leadership in Buganda should come out and help us appreciate the health conditions surrounding the King. I know he has a right to privacy but it might be a bitter pill if we lost him under such circumstances and someone thinks they will labor to explain the cause of his loss than what would have been done.

I might be wrong but I feel I have a question and i need to be guided and directed to the right person to answer otherwise i am not happy about his state and I feel we need this urgently addressed.

Kabaka can be taken to any hospital in the world for better medical care.

We His subjects can’t fail to treat our own. We gave taffaali, how about what directly touches his health?

Who is responsible?

This writer is a concerned subject of the Kabaka. [email protected]


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