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Education Minister Janet Museveni (PHOTO /Courtesy)

KAMPALA —The forces of an organization’s external environment are capable of impacting on it, more so, adversely, in countless ways.

More often, than not, these forces take the form of political, socio-economic, legal, technological, demographic, or ecological forces, and might, also, be represented by several groups, which include, but not limited to–shareholders, government, the company’s funders, suppliers, customers (or clients), including prospects, international and local communities, employees and potential employees, as well as competitors–commonly referred to as partners in business, in modern business management.

A typical education institution, of whichever nature, for example, will have suppliers, service providers (like banking, marketing, and insurance agents, among others), alumni, founding bodies, religious organizations, students and parents communities, teachers, as well as the local and international communities, among the other publics.

Regardless of the organization you belong to, reaching out positively, to your publics (or stakeholders), remains an ideal requirement–no matter the circumstances. As a routine, therefore, organizations, of whatever nature, size, or location, are required to attend to the interests of their publics, in an effort to promote public relations, without fail. It is, therefore, largely, against this background that, Jonathan Kivumbi, a renowned advocate for education reforms and education for all–more so–in Uganda, decided to engage the First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports, Janet Museveni (Mrs), by availing her a comprehensive, well-polished, and articulate report, titled: The 21st Century Blueprint on the State of Education in Uganda through her principal assistant secretary (PAS), Irene Kauma–on November 3, 2020.

Yes, while people were busy complaining and lamenting about CoViD-19, and the lockdown, that followed, Jonathan was busy collecting, analyzing, and compiling data, needed in bringing about fundamental in the country‟s education system, and this enabled production of the aforementioned report.

Indeed, as already stated, among the issues comprehensively, convincingly, and articulately addressed to Maama, in the aforementioned correspondence, was/is the issue of improving public relations–in which I suggested to her, to open up communication–with the rest of the public, more so, people that fall, directly in her ministry (learners, teachers, and parents, among others), by creating communication platforms, specifically focusing the social media, as well as toll free lines. Today, I am happy to inform you that, Maama, has already launched her online communication platform, that she is going to use, to share issues of national importance, with the general public, paying close attention to the youngsters (popularly referred to as guys) and their parents (commonly described as young parents).

Thank you Maama, for your charismatic leadership style! Without doubt, Maama, your style of leadership is grossly admired by many–more so, by aforementioned persons–the reason, we are all crying out to God to grant you more wisdom, better health, and many more years of happiness.

Following the many birthday regards received by Maama while celebrating her 73rd birthday, this year, particularly from the aforementioned groups, Maama has taken it upon herself, to reward these people, and the nation, at large, with an online platform that she will use to engage the public (more so, the aforementioned persons), on topical issues related to the aforementioned dimensions that impact on organizational growth and the socio-economic transformation of any economy, worldwide, with specific reference to Uganda’s economy, on a weekly basis.

Worth noting is that, Maama, has not only ended at launching her online platform, but has also gone ahead, and provided the persons cited herein, with constructive feedback–something that defeats most of our people in Africa (Uganda, more specifically), including our leaders, at whichever level. Truthfully speaking, if you do not describe this as humility, then, how best, can you describe it, before any audience?

Maama Janet, on behalf of the guys and young parents cited in your correspondence, allow me to, once again, say, thank you, for being such a modest, calm, and above all, God respectful lady. I have no doubt, having successfully influenced the guys’ grand and young female parents–who willfully embraced the famous ‘Janet Cut’ –a hairstyle that rocked the entire country, and world, at large–specifically, in the first two decades of the National Resistance Army/Movement (NRA/M), post-war period–the decision taken, will equally enable you yield the required results, among the guys, too. Arguably, this is a move taken in the right direction, Maama–the reason–you need to be applauded, endlessly. So, this

implies, by the time Maama celebrates her 74th birthday, next year (2022), she should have discussed, at least 50 topical issues, for/with her target audience.

Based on the above background, therefore, I wish to take this opportunity, to request the guys and their parents, to follow-up on Maama’s weekly submissions, as this will not only benefit the aforementioned groups, but shall, equally impact on the country’s education–more so, positively,–and above all, on the socio-economic growth and development of the country.

To those of you who might wish to task Maama, handle particular topics, please kindly feel free, and share them [your topics] with her, using her platform, or you can as well send them to me, using the address given below; arguably, it shall reach her, and will, without fail, be attended to, as required. This week, Maama, has decided to take us through PATRIOTISM, as shown below.

Maama’s letter to the guys and young people

To those young people and children of Uganda who resolved to call me Maama by choice. I hear you call each other “guys”, well today I want to tell you that I love you guys! I have been praying lately that God in His goodness gives me a way to reach you especially in this very difficult time of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

For some time I was puzzled about how in the world I could reach a critical mass of you to dialogue about life as I did with the generation that I believe is now the young parents of the school going children. So, recently I had my 73rd birthday and on that special day I was overwhelmed with the blessing of love and the numerous messages and good wishes saying, “Happy Birthday Maama!”

It was through that amazing gift on my birthday that God in His goodness spoke to me and said, “There is a way to reach the children of Uganda!” I cried with joy because I realized that God never fails. I realized that this social media which has become notorious for spreading fake news, hate messages, abuses and lies can actually, through the grace of God, be used for good to teach wholesome knowledge to guide our children how to live in the purposes of God and to lead them to fulfil their destiny according to God’s design.

Maama’s take on patriotism

… Therefore, this is my maiden communication to you in what I hope will become our weekly dialogue. Today I will start with the topic —Patriotism.
The Oxford Advanced American Dictionary defines patriotism (noun) as, “the love for one’s country and willingness to defend it”. Well, you guys are young and you may now say, of course, I love my country, but what can I do to defend it?

Here is my simple answer; yes you are young, and you need to be reminded that, defending your country–does not always mean fighting a war. Now in your case, defending your country means doing everything you are meant to do, to lift her [your country]; to give it pride; to make others envy your country, etc. Let me give you some examples:

1. If you are a student, you are expected to work very hard, especially when you are at school, partly because you want Uganda to be famous, worldwide, for excelling academically, even difficult times, like this one of CoVi D-19 (Corona Virus Detected, in 2019).

2. If you are working in a given office, you should make sure the office (in which you work) is kept clean; ideally, the ministry you serve–should be known, for excellent service delivery. By so doing, the whole establishment will, arguably, get to hear and/or know of about exemplary service, at the ministry, hence attracting many followers, resulting from the admiration of your exemplary service.

3. If you are a stay home mum, you should ensure your children are doing well at school; your home should be looked at as a model home, in your area–comprising, say–a beautiful compound with a well-trimmed flower garden (in case, you have one), comprising lovely flowers cherished and appreciated by every passerby (wondering whose home, that is).

4. If you are an adolescent girl at school–first you should ensure you are a good student, more so by wasting no time on things that matter less, or do not matter, at all. You should endeavor to be clean (or smart) all the time; you keep your hair short, neat, manageable and natural, aware of the fact that you are still a youngster, and above all, an African.

You should be proud of being African, my dear girls. You shouldn’t think of engaging yourselves (or opening up) relationships that can dent your character, and above all, future, because you want to be whole. My dear Ugandan girls, you should be known to be whole, and you should also know that God has a great purpose for your life. That way, you are fighting for God’s purposes for you as an individual but also for Uganda’s reputation, your homeland.

5. If you are an adolescent boy, still at school, like the girl I just talked about, you should ensure that you are an astute student, and you should never lead others in refusing to wear torn trousers, for example, because, as a country, Uganda does not recognize those who mock her poor people by making a fashion of what the poor wear, because of poverty. You should avoid keeping long-dirty hair, because Ugandans are a decent group of Africans–who beautify God’s creation, and not denigrate the African beauty, to make Ugandans (and Africans, at large), look ugly, mad, or even hopeless.

6. And if you work with the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), you should endeavour to come up with a programme, aimed at keeping our city, afloat–and also mobilize all your colleagues to beautify Kampala–so as to make it the most beautiful city on the African continent, because, with its greenery, flowers and clean buildings, it can, arguably, be the best, in all aspects, on the African continent, as already stated. You should educate people that a city, of whatever nature, needs co-operation, peaceful, organized, and neat workplaces–but not conflict; not battles in the market areas, and not hatred.

You should ensure that the city continually thrives with good, neat, and well-organized buildings, and offices, therein. At no point, should passersby, particularly foreign tourists, find our capital city dirty and messy, all of which would make the city look ugly, as this might make them [foreign tourists], to instead envy Ugandans for living in the Garden of Eden.

Truth is, by taking into consideration, whatever has been cited, in the previous paragraph(s), specifically focusing at cleanliness, God, will definitely shower his blessings on our motherland–Uganda, and in abundance–because as the saying goes, “cleanliness is next to godliness”.

And finally, all these people used as examples, in this write-up, will be in position fulfil their purpose on earth, provided they allowed themselves to fear God and continue serving him, the whole of their life, as wisdom only comes from the fear of God. It is that wisdom that will enable you, do all the things, narrated above.

NB: Aware of the fact that many of our people can’t access Internet facilities, and yet, we want everyone to benefit from Maama’s words of wisdom, working hand-in-hand with the management of our favourite radio station, 93.9 NAMIREMBE FM, Jonathan, will be hosted by the station, to share Maama’s weekly editions, as, and when time, permits. Please stay tuned. Thank you!

www.ugstandard.com, shall also endeavour to bring you Maama’s weekly, editions, without defaulting.

Edited by:
Jonathan Kivumbi
Educationist–Communication and language skills analyst 0770880185 (WhatsApp 0702303190)
[email protected]

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