JOEL TOMUSANGE: Museveni demigod theory and the exaggerated self importance!

President Yoweri Museveni (PHOTO /Courtesy)

Around 2006, having just joined secondary, I was a budding young man with a lot of enthusiasm but naivety as well. A number things were quick to make impression unto me. Around that time, the movie “Superman Returns” was released. At school, we’d all get to watch a movie every Friday night in the Assembly Hall on projector. I’ll never forget that Friday night we watched the Superman movie. I fell in love with the character. I mean Superman was everything I ever wanted to become; strong, fast, fit, loved, fierce, heat vision, invulnerability, martial artist, access to high-tech equipment… the list goes on. I became fixated on the character because I thought he was indefeasible. But, it was just a story, there is no superman…

It is not uncommon to hear M7 apologists say; “Museveni is the only fit leader to govern a country like Uganda.” “M7 is the only one who can manage the army.” “How can Bobi Wine, with no experience whatsoever be let to govern a full country?” “Bobi Wine is not presidential material.”

Well, I have news for you. Presidency doesn’t have any special qualifications set in stone as a measurement of who is and who isn’t worthy to be president.

In 1985 when M7 took up leadership of government, he was by many standards the least qualified for being president. Here was a bush war lord with an ultra-ego of entitlement. 35 years down the road we’re still dealing with consequences of this bush war mentality. That doesn’t mean he has not been a good president, to an extent he has performed good as a leader but that doesn’t make him special at all.

Last time I checked, M7 has got the same limbs as we all do. He is susceptible to emotions like us all. He eats food and pees just like the rest of us. He is no alien. So stop making him like a demigod of some sorts.

The command of an army has nothing to do with whether the commander in chief is an armed personnel. That’s a fallacy of the 60s and 70s. Barack Obama a civilian in all respects commanded the most powerful army in whole world for 8 years; he gave the order to capture and kill Osama Bin Laden a world renowned terrorist. Him being a civilian in no way inhibited his capability as commander in chief. Our neighbor Kenya has been under the stewardship of Kenyatta a civilian. Kenya’s military might has over the past decade grown tenfold. I challenge M7 with his military prowess to engage Kenya in combat and we see how he’d perform.

The correct scale of measurement for who is and who’s not suitable for presidency should therefore not be limited to irrelevant indicators like those suggested my M7 enthusiasts. The true gauge in my opinion is the ability to make right decisions at right time. All a president does is make decisions. He/She has no business with implementation. We need a president who can make decisions that benefit all Ugandans. Because at the end of the day, he won’t be NRM or NUP’s president alone, he will be president for the entire country.

True, Bobi Wine lacks experience. He has never been president. He has just recently become a politician actually. But that doesn’t mean he’s not suitable. If you examine Bobi Wine’s life, you’d realize that actually, he is the kind of person we need in state house. His, is story of hope, beating odds and success. He survived the ghetto and became a millionaire with no privileges whatsoever. Uganda at the moment needs a success story, and who better to offer it than the ganja man turned statesman!!!


The writer Joel Tomusange is a lawyer 

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