Kadaga blasts Roko Construction Company over delayed works at new Parliament building

Roko Construction Company

Speaker has aimed a dig at Roko Construction Company over delayed workers

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has slammed Roko Construction Company for the delayed construction works of the new Parliament chamber.

While visiting the site Monday afternoon, Kadaga was not happy with what she found on the ground.

According to the Speaker, construction was supposed to be at 50 percent completion rate by this time but to her dismay, she was informed that construction was just at 34 per cent and yet the construction is supposed to be completed by July 2021.

She said that when they visited the site last month, they asked the company to contract more staff so that they can work day and night but all in vain.

“Last time you said that by now you would be at 60 per cent completion rate and that you needed only 12 calendar months to complete this building. So are you trying to say that in one year, you will be able to complete this building? Are you magicians,” Speaker Kadaga wondered.

“The contract says that you should complete construction of this building in July. We want to receive the keys for this building in July next year. If they do not deliver within the scheduled time, it will be a breach of contract,” she added.

She also blamed the Roko Construction Company for failing to pay the su constructors and yet the government has already paid them 70 percent of the money required for the construction of the site.

“Why haven’t you paid the sub-contractors? You want them to say that the government has delayed paying you. This was not the agreement,” Kadaga said.

However, the company’s contracts manager, Andy Sonnet, said they were waiting for the government to remit the balance before they could also pay the sub-contructors because the contract is complex.

He also assured the speaker that they will be able to complete this building next year.

The con­trac­tors of the pro­ject, Roko Con­struc­tion Lim­ited, was handed the site to kick start the construction of the cham­bers at the North Wing in 2017.

The building is expected to house 500 MPs and also have office space for legislators and staff.

The award of the con­struc­tion deal to Roko Construction Company brought an end to years of controversy, af­ter the In­spec­torate of Government in 2016 received a com­plaint about ir­reg­u­lar­i­ties in the procurement of the proposed new cham­bers.

The project is estimated to cost government at least Sh179 billion.

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