Kadaga jubilates as Government takes over Busoga University

Government has finally taken over Busoga University (PHOTO /Courtesy)

KAMPALA — First Deputy Prime Minister Rebecca Kadaga is all smiles after a last line has been reached for government to over Busoga University

“[An] agreement [has been] concluded for government to take over of Busoga University, ” the First Deputy Prime Minister said in a statement on Twitter.

She added: ‘Citizens get ready for multiplier effect, food, accommodation, stationary etc.”

She lauded President Museveni for supporting the smoth takeover of the university.

The board of trustees of Busoga University had in February this finally signed a first memorandum of understanding with government for a smooth takeover of the defunct institution.

The ten member board of trustees also handed over 300 acres of land to government, assets that include buildings worth UGX. 21 billion to government.

The Bishop Central Busoga diocese Patrick Wakula said he expects the university to begin operating next academic year as long as a committee put in place decides on which courses to be taken up in the first phase.

In December 2016, NCHE revoked the provisional license of Busoga University, which has been operation since 1998 on a number of grounds.

NCHE accused the University of awarding Fake Degrees, which prompted it to cancel more than 1,000 degrees awarded to students, recruiting unqualified academic staff and accumulated debts among others contrary to the Universities and Other Tertiary Intuitions Act.

At the time of the closure, the university was highly indebted and lacked funds to sustain the daily operational costs of the institution.

Busoga University was operating under the control of Busoga Diocese at the time of closure.

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