Kampala RCC Hud Hussein faces knife amid bribery allegations as Museveni orders Babalanda to sack RDCs frustrating govt service delivery

Hud Hussain Kampala City Commissioner

Kampala Resident City Commissioner Hud Hussein in trouble over bribery allegations (PHOTO /Courtesy).

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has asked Presidency Minister Milly Babirye Babalanda to reign in on lazy and inefficient Resident District Commissioners ( RDCs) whom he described as the weak link to poor service delivery in the country.

Mr. Museveni made the revelation at the National Resistance Movement’s National Executive Meeting at State House Entebbe on November 05.

Museveni aimed a specific dig at office bearers who use their positions to facilitate mobilisations to get them elected to political positions, saying these are a great danger to service delivery in his administration.

The President wondered why concerns of poor service delivery especially in Kampala District become a song in spite of the presence of many RDCs who are meant to monitor and supervise government activities in each district.

A furious Museveni ordered Babalanda, the political supervisor of the RDCs, to come up with a comprehensive assessment of the work of all RDCs and RCCs to identify those who will be retained and those to discard.

Last week, President Museveni rejected as cooked and full of blatant lies, a report presented to him by Kampala Resident City Commissioner (RCC), Hud Hussein on city markets before blasting for attempting to mislead the Head of State.

Mr. Hussein had presented a report detailing the alleged happenings in city markets including St. Balikuddembe Market, Nakasero and Wandegeya but President Museveni reportedly spitted on it before trashing it.

Museveni was meeting KCCA leadership in which he also extended the tenure of city market interim leaders to February 2022.

In the same meeting, market leaders reported and produced evidence against RCC Hud Hussein and Kampala Minister Minsa Kabanda of soliciting from them monthly kicks backs of up to UGX. 500,000 and UGX10 million respectively.

Some of the bribery evidence produced to President Museveni against Kampala City Commissioner Hud Hussein. President Museveni was furious against him for soliciting bribes against the poor people

Some of the bribery evidence produced to President Museveni against Kampala City Commissioner Hud Hussein. President Museveni was furious against him for soliciting bribes from the poor people

They produced mobile money transaction evidence to President who grilled the duo of illegally soliciting kickbacks from the poor traders.

President Museveni had last month telephoned Minister Kabanda and grilled her in a lengthy conversation after he was briefed by security that the latter was against his directives on city makerts but was also frustrating vendors for kick backs.

And now it has emerged that during Tuesday’s meeting, Mr. Museveni ordered the both Minister Kabanda and Mr. Hud Hussein to explain why they were working against hid September 2020 guidance.

The duo reportedly failed to explain as city makert leaders who were also part of the meeting continued to them in front of the the President with raft of evidence.

“Why do you frustrate my people with kick backs? Why steal from the poor people? The people in markets there haven’t been working for two years now.
It is illegal to frustrate them. You ask for public resources to your selves like this,” the President is quoted as telling both RCC and Minister Kabanda.

The heated State House meeting was also attended by KCCA Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka and her Deputy, Eng. David Luyimbazi.

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