KCCA boss responds to MPs queries on new city roads 2015-2023

The roads under construction are Kulambiro Ring Road including Najeera Link and Tuuba-Kyanja road; Kabuusu-Bunamwaya-Lweza; John Babiiha road (Acacia), Ntinda-Nakawa road; and Lukuli road

These roads are constructed by KCCA through the Second Kampala Institutional & Infrastructure Project financed by the Government of Uganda and the World Bank.

Kampala Capital City Authority leadership has explained progress on road and other infrastructure projects within Kampala for the period 2015-2023.

Meeting with Members of Parliament on the National Economy Committee, the KCCA team presented two reports—starting with the Kampala Infrastructural Development Project, KIIDP2 of 2015.

Parliamentarians were concerned with the continuous flooding in Kampala despite the various funding invested in the city to deal either drainage—citing the Nakivubo channel, which was reconstructed in 2014.

The KCCA team led by Minister Kyofatogabye and flunked by the KCCA Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka presented responses to the queries from the Parliamentarians

Tracing the projects, Kisaka explained that the KIIDP2 project of 2015 was worth USD175 million dollars.

It has delivered the full reconstruction of several roads in the city, including the John Babiha Road, the Ntinda stretcher Road, the Kabusu Bunamuwaya road, and Kulambiro road among others.

This project also funded the drainages at Lubigi and Nakamiro in the Kawempe Division.

KCCA constructed a total of 29km of new roads and 6.4km of drainage in the city under the KIIDP2 project. It will be closing in 2023.

There are also ongoing projects like Lubiri Ring Road and Nabulagala road, which will be completed this year, 2023.

Kisaka was accompanied by Don Kitabire, the Deputy Director of Treasury, as well as the Manager of Strategy Edison Maseruka, and Henry Odongo, Manager of Treasury.

However, the members of Parliament raised concerns over the quality of delivery and cautioned the team to give concerted supervision to ensure value for money.

KCCA’s roads in Nakawa Division are largely new. However, roads in Makindye and Central Business District are largely potholed and due for reconstruction.

Kisaka explained that the Kampala City Road Reconstruction project, KCRRP, which will be launched in 2023, is currently in the mobilising stage.

The project, which is worth USD 288 million, will cover 31 roads in the city and approximately 70km of roads.

This will be the full reconstruction of the old roads, and some of the road sections will be dual carriageways, thus increasing the length.

They will also have associated drainage works and 22 traffic junctions.

In addition, there will be 134km of Non-Motorised Transport facilities.

There will be commercial vehicles parking places, bus depots, thirty 30 public toilets, six markets along project roads for women vendors, installation of 1,600 energy-efficient streetlights, and landscaping with tree plants.

The roads include fifth street, sixth street, seventh Street eighth Street, Suuna 1&2, Sentema Road, Salama Road, Mpererwe Kiteezi –Kiti road, Ntinda to Kampala Northern Bypass, and Old Kira Road to mention a few.

It will cover roads in all five divisions of Kampala.

KCCA’s efforts to galvanize and implement government efforts to create an enabling environment for business in the city and fulfill the NRM Manifesto is ongoing.

However, they are disturbed by the low funding.

Kampala contributes over 60% of the national GDP.

Bad roads have a negative impact on business, time lost in traffic jams, high vehicle maintenance, poor aesthetics, the potential for accidents, and loss of business.

The MPs have called for more engagements with KCCA to appreciate their funding gaps and the scope of their works

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