King Saha fits in Moze Radio’s shoes – Meseach Ssemakula

KAMPALA– Veteran Musician Meseach Ssemakula has commended fellow singer Mansoor Ssemanda aka King Saha of being one of the few disciplined artists with good music.

At the press briefing for Saha’s forthcoming concert held in Kampala, Meseach noted that ever since Moze passed on , he has never seen any other person with a sweet voice that can replace the late other than King Saha.

“I love King Saha because as a person because he is one of the few Musicians that respect their elders in the industry. He always communicate to me in a respectful manner to the extent that he doesn’t give excuses as some artists who pretend to be busy all the time.”

Meseach therefore asked Ugandans to always support such musicians wherever they are having concerts to prevent them from getting drug addiction as a result of feeling lonely and ignored.

“Its not good to pretend to love artists when you don’t support them. Many of them like Kafeero went into depression because people seemed not to be supportive to them.”

Moses Matovu from Afrigo Band noted that he decided to support Saha because of his Characters that are not common in most of the Artists of these years.

“Saha is one of the well behaved Artists we have currently, his song ‘Ebiseera ebyo’ reminds us of where we come from which is very key in every body’s life because you can’t go further when you don’t look into your past.”

while commenting on his forthcoming show on 8th December 2023, Saha noted that he could have preferred to have it in a bigger venue than Hotel Africana, but it was not possible having found that the other venue had been booked for the whole of this year.

“The venue may not be big enough to accommodate all my fans but we have never held a concert at Africana, let us first feel it beyond capacity and then next year we shall look for another place.”

Saha asked all his colleagues especially artists not to always believe rumors spoken about him but they should only take the words they have heard directly from his mouth.

“I promise that on the forthcoming concert , i will give you value for Money. bring your parents , relatives and friends to enjoy my music.”

Ebiseera ebyo concert at first was scheduled to take place early next year but due to a number of considerations, it was changed to this year.


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