Kween District: Girl child activists launch ‘a pad for Kween’ campaign to fight teenage pregnancy

A pad for Kween campaign

A team of youth volunteers in Kween district have launched a campaign dubbed ‘A Pad for Kween’ aimed at saving from early sexual intercourse and unwanted pregnancies.

The team led by a one Esther Chebijira noted that they were taken aback by the increasing numbers of teenage pregnancies in the district most of which are accounted to the lack of sanitary towels by the girls.

According to the New vision post published on 14th June, 2021, 27,000 teenage girls got pregnant in Eastern Uganda during the first lockdown and Kween district was among the effected districts.

Team leader Esther Chebijira

In Chemwania Ward for example, 6 teenage girls got pregnant between April and December, 2020 according to a community leader.

Ester Chebijira the team leader said that most parents can not afford to buy pads for their girls while some are simply negligent and this has forced many girls to sleep with men in exchange for money to buy pads.

“Some opt to get pregnant to put an assumed end of menstruation. Sex for pads is one of the leading causes of the skyrocketing teenage pregnancies during this pandemic,” Chebijira said.

So far 85 cartoons have been purchased

She argued that, “When girls are at school, they can use pocket money to buy pads, they can borrow pads from friends, some schools provide pads. This is not available now that they are home because their parents can not afford or are not willing to buy pads; the girls then opt for the readily available men who can provide in exchange for sex. In the course, they get pregnant.”

Chebijira said that the campaign targets to mobilize a sum of Shs7, 150, 000 from well-wishers to purchase 4000 packets of sanitary pads for 2000 girls.

“We have so far mobilised Shs3, 220, 000 and bought 85 cartons of sanitary pads each containing 16 packets.  We have worked with volunteers from every subcounty and identified the Most vulnerable 60 girls from every subcounty, ourpriority are girls below the age 16,” Chebijira explained.

She added that the distribution shall commence on 27th July and a total of 800 girls across Kween district, 60 from each subcounty will be the first beneficiaries.

“In the long run, we plan to work with individuals andorganizations to acquire resources and train all girls across Kween to make reusable pads. We also hope to engage the girls in income generating activities to enable them buy scholastic materials,” Chebijira noted



  1. Gloria

    24/07/2021 at 5:18 PM

    God bless u Esther Chebijira for the initiative, together we can make it.

  2. Chebijira Esther

    24/07/2021 at 5:30 PM

    UG STANDARD, thank you so much for your support and for sharing this.

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