Lack of respect! Sons, daughters of the poor’ hit back at Museveni over plot to employ children of the rich only

President Museveni delivers address the Nation Address (PHOTO/Courtesy).

Dozens of ‘sons and daughters of the poor’ have blasted President Museveni for a “lack of respect” and “zero will” to fight corruption.

Mr. Museveni who came to power 35 years ago, while delivering his 6th term agenda in the State-of-the-Nation-Address said his government will only employ sons and daughters of the rich as a measure to fight corruption.

President Museveni defended his widely criticised measure, saying: “These are people who work for passion, not money”.

“I have been discussing with my children, who are now senior adults, the timeliness of creating the DRA (the Descendants’ Resistance Army I) to take forward the work of the original NRA of their parents. This fraternity, recently recommended to me one of their group. When I talked to her about a certain job, her answer was: “No, Mzee, that is not my “pession”, as they speak in their exotic accent. These are people who work for passion, not money. Against resistance”.

The statement immediately drew an immediate rebuke from the poor Bazzukulu, warning the President that his approach exhibited unexpectable level of arrogance and that he risks turning corruption into a class privilege in Uganda.

“Still trying to make sense of President Museveni’s new anti corruption of giving plum jobs to the children of wealthy NRM supporters. Given that a fair number of them accumulated their wealth through corruption anyway, we risk turning corruption into a class privilege in Uganda,” journalist Michael Wakabi wrote.

Political activist Adam Buyinza Luzindana in a lengthy dossier condemned the President’s anti corruption approach and said he believes corruption with instead skyrocket.

He said the strategy must be inclusive, Well stated warning that the poor will revolt and “a man with nothing to lose especially after long committed support will freely and fiercely fight on”.

Mr. Luzindana says that the system needs to identify and deploy tested cardres and competent Ugandans but also adopt swift mechanisms to combat corruption especially at top levels.

Another social media user asked the President to inquire how those rich parents in his circle got rich before he praises them

“Let him do that mistake am not a prophet but I want to assure you there no wallfence or guns that will protect those children of the rich [when they revolt].

Some NRM mobilizers also fired back at the President, saying many of them are linguishing in poverty, they are the ones campaigning for President Museveni.

“It’s the poor who move and mobilise votes for President Museveni / NRM candidates,” a distrungled NRM supporter wrote at one of the forums.

Other users castigated the President for over emphasing the GDP and per capita income.

Jame Tamale, a top NRM mobliser claimed that those (GDP and per capita income) means nothing if people have no money in their pockets.

“What matters is the money in people’s pockets,” he said.

According to him, it is only when people have money that they will have the ability start serving the growing banking sector; reducing hunger and raising their life expectancy.


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