Lands Ministry moves to crack whip on fake architects

Lands minister Judith Nabakooba (PHOTO/Courtesy)

The ministry of lands, housing, and Urban development has unveiled plans to clamp down on fake architects who collect money from people and later fail to deliver services.

The revelation was made by lands minister Judith Nabakooba while opening the Uganda Society of Architects sports Gala at Kyambogo University on September 9.

She called upon all architecture professionals to pull their efforts together and fight fraud in their sector.

“Let us work together with the ministry and streamline the profession and as well develop standard operating procedures to whoever that want to enter or practice the profession,” she urged.

Nabakooba revealed that her ministry is in the plans to deregister all fake surveyors, architects, planners, doctors, lawyers among other professions in line with her ministry.

“They come pretending that they are in those different professions yet they have never attended school. I intend to end that exercise of faking Ugandans,” she added.

The minister noted that to achieve this, there must be team work between the architects and the ministry to bridge all the loopholes in the industry.

She thanked the Uganda Society of Architects for organizing the sports gala affirming that sports is a great way to network, reflect and keep healthy as people continue to serve the great country.

Nabakooba also lauded the body for attracting different professionals in different fields who are partners with the ministry of Lands.

“Under the docket of Urban Development, we need more than just architects to design and plan our housing estates. We need good lawyers, environmentalists, the sports industry, food and beverages. We want all sectors to speak to each other and work together,” she explained.

At the same event, Nabakooba called upon all professional bodies to contribute towards the cause of finding housing solutions for the growing population that continues to expand every other day.

The sporting gala was organised to fundraise for specific communal and charity causes.

The Vice president of Uganda society of architects, Jacklyn Namayanja urged all stakeholders in the construction sector to always use registered architects to avoid collapse of buildings and poor quality infrastructure.

“It is actually very easy to determine who is a genuine architecture simply by asking thier registration number and they year they registered” she said.

According to Namayanja, a registered architecture should be able to tell thier registration number and even you can easily go to ARB website to identify or confirm because all of genuine architectures are listed there.

She said the Uganda society of architecture started in 1966 with the mandate to improve the profession of the architecture in Uganda.

“Some of our main responsibilities is to advocate and lobby for our members to be able to link up with people, government different entities and opportunities that can advance them so one of the thing that we thought could help to achieve that is by networking with the other different professions that we usually deal with so basically the sports gala would help us to network to collaborate to build new associations”. she noted.

She said that they hope that such events will help them to fundraise for community activities that we are trying to do as the association.

She further encouraged unregistered Architects to join the society by registering.

Some of the participants in this year’s sports commended the organizers adding that it is a good platform for networking with various professions.

According to Mr. Gava Mugisha, Marketing manager of diamond stars LTD, this gives them opportunity also to have fun outside office,and through network they get to know each other especially in construction and building industry.

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