Leaflets demanding Katikkiro Mayiga resignation littered at Kabaka’s Palace


Leaflets were also thrown at Kabaka’s residence in Kireka (PHOTO/Courtesy)

KAMPALA — The pressure being exerted on the Buganda prime Minister Charles Peter Mayiga seems to be intensifying following a new twist where leaflets denouncing his leadership are being littered near kingdom buildings.

On Sunday, residents of Bulange, Mengo at the Kingdom Headquarters, woke up to the sight of leaflets littered through out the night by yet to be known people who seek to end the 8 year tenure of Katikkiro Mayiga.

It is not yet clear why the public is embittered towards the Katikkiro but available information shows he is being accused of concealing the Kabaka’s ailment from public knowledge.

“We need him to tender in his resignation for his own good,” said one of the people said on social media.

“Our king cannot be in such a frail condition and the Katikkiro remains in office,” he added.

Last week, Katikkiro Mayiga dismissed speculation about Kabaka Mutebi’s II’s health and said that the King is “having challenges related to allergies that cause him breathing difficulties.”

“I would like to urge you to disregard the rumours on social media that the Kabaka had been poisoned. They are totally wrong, baseless and unfounded. They cause unnecessary anxiety,” Mr Mayiga said in a televised address on Friday afternoon.

Former senior presidential press secretary Joseph Tamale Mirundi. however blasted Mayiga for ‘failing to handle’ the Kabaka’s health crisis.

An infuriated Mirundi who spoke on the airwaves of Pearl FM on Saturday proposed that Katikkiro Mayiga should tender in his resignation for the good of the Mengo establishment.

“My humble request is that Mayiga steps down voluntarily for mishandling that situation. How do you present a visibly frail Kabaka to the public?,” Mirundi wondered. “In his frail condition, he is vulnerable to covid. But why vaccinate an allergic man? The Buganda people are tired of being fooled by Mayiga. People have lost trust in him,” Mirundi adds.

He further refers to precedents in which past kingdom premieres voluntarily stepped down after failing to handle Kabaka crises.

Mirundi adds that it is a bad sign for the Kabaka to fold his hands by the back. “He wanted to signal to his subjects that things weren’t right,” Mirund says. “There is no allergy that mentally incapacitates an individual. Mayiga is not a medical doctor. He is not authorised to speak about his health. Mayiga must step down and go then Mmengo paves way for a new administration,” he advises.

He adds: “If the Kabaka dies, Mayiga is to blame for concealing such vital information. It is Museveni who loses when the Kabaka dies. Clips of him making statements attacking Baganda are being shared all over social media. His communication team should come out and make clarity.”

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