Lesbian couple detained at Makerere Police, faces life imprisonment

KAMPALA — A lesbian couple has been detained at Makerere Police Station, in the capital, Kampala, as Uganda cracks whip on sexual acts against the nature.

The pair who face life imprisonment were detained on Thursday, Valentine’s Day February 14, 2019 following a tip off from a one Yusuf Mutunga 30, a husband to one of the suspects.

According to a statement seen by this website, Mr. Mutunga, a resident of Kawempe Division Kampala District reported his wife, Hafswa Namutebi to Police after landing on shocking evidence that she was a lesbian who was also involved in another controversial and ‘satanic’ relationship with a female workmate Aisha Nansubuga.

Makerere Police Station in-charge Prisca Flavia Amuko said the duo who have been engaging in sex acts against the order of nature have been quizzed and statements have been recorded.

President Museveni has previously asked Police to deny bond to such high profile cases. It is not immediately clear whether duo will be given bond as the police chief remained tight lipped on the matter.

She said Police’s form 3A medical examinations, proved beyond all doubt that they had been practicing it for a long time, citing wounds on Namutebi’s private parts.

The ‘proof’ the police chief refers to was believed to have been obtained by a test described by many international human rights bodies as torture.

The case comes few weeks after another shocking incident in Mengo Kampala, the community exposed and chased away a man whom the accused of being a gay. The man, a one Julius Kagongole reportedly fled to neighboring Kenya.

Activists say attacks against LGBT people are increasing.

The penal code punishes gay sex with up to life in prison.

Hundreds of people in Uganda’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community have fled the country to escape homophobia and persecution.

But many are now stuck in some of the neighbouring countries including Kenya and Tanzania where the situation is not much better.

Uganda made international headlines in recent years when it tried to introduce a tough new anti-homosexuality law, which allowed life imprisonment for “aggravated homosexuality”.

Although the courts struck it down, the environment has proved too dangerous for a growing number of Ugandans.

Gays face constant attacks, kidnappings, extortion and police harassment.

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