Letshego Uganda speaks out after reports claimed that its CEO fled country

Giles Germany Aijukwe- CEO Letshego Uganda

Giles Germany Aijukwe, the CEO Letshego Uganda

KAMPALA — Letshego Uganda, has dismissed media reports that its Chief Executive Officer Mr. Giles Aijukwe fled the country following a sale of a borrower’s property.

Instead the company which is a subsidiary of Letshego Holdings Limited, says Mr. Aijukwe took an official leave and that he will return to run the company at its completion.

“We have taken note of circulating reports on social media about Mr. Aijukwe Giles, CEO Letshego Uganda “fleeing the country” following a sale of a borrower’s property,” the company said in a statement released on the weekend.

The company said the impugned property, Block 214, Plot 4773 in Kisaasi was properly sold under the Mortgage Act, and regulations there under, where Letshego Uganda exercised its rights as a mortgagee.

The property was sold to the highest bidder per the auction, a statement further added.

“It is therefore not true that our CEO bought the said property through a third party/proxy. We request the general public to treat this story with the contempt it deserves.”

Letshego Uganda Limited, is a Tier IV microfinance institution in Uganda.

The microfinance company offers SME loans, mortgage loans, and education loans, among other forms of lending.

The company also offers savings accounts.


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