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List of Uganda’s Speakers of Parliament since 1962

The unicameral Parliament of Uganda is the country’s legislative body. The most significant of the Ugandan parliament’s functions is to pass laws which will provide good governance in the country (PHOTO/Courtesy)

KAMPALA — This is a list of Speakers of the Parliament of Uganda, since 1962 to 2021.

1st Parliament (National Assembly) 1962–May 1966

John Bowes Griffin 1962–1963

Narendra M. Patel 1963–May 1966

2nd Parliament (National Assembly)1967–January 1971.

Narendra M. Patel 1967–January 1971

No Legislative Arm of Government 1971–1979 under President Idi Amin

3rd Parliament (National Consultative Council) 1979–1980

Edward Rugumayo (Chairman) — 1979–1980

4th Parliament (National Assembly) 1980–27 July 1985

Francis K. Butagira — 23 December 1980–27 July 1985

5th Parliament (National Resistance Council) 1986–1996

Yoweri Museveni (Chairman)
Vice Chairman Al-Haji Moses Kigongo chaired most of NRC’s meetings — 26 January 1986–1996

6th Parliament (Parliament of Uganda) 1996–2001)

James Wapakhabulo
Speaker of the Constituent Assembly 1996–1998

Francis Ayume —

7th Parliament (Parliament of Uganda) 2001–2006

Edward Ssekandi July 2001–2006

8th Parliament (Parliament of Uganda) 2006–2011

Edward Ssekandi — 18 May 2006–2011

9th Parliament (Parliament of Uganda) 2011–2016

Rebecca Kadaga — 19 May 2011 – 2016

10th Parliament (Parliament of Uganda) 2016–2021

Rebecca Kadaga — 19 May 2016 – 2021

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