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LOVE IN THE SAVANNAH: How I encountered my first love

Lake Mburo National Park SAVANNAH

Lake Mburo National Park

Throughout my high school, I was not sharp like those top boys you know. To add, I was just from the village, I was not exposed as defined in the modern sense. I remember one guy called Omoding. Gwe, that guy was top…. every girl wanted to have a piece of him.

He was tall, a baller, good in class, fluent in English and he had some reasonable money. He was also simply a good boy…well behaved. He understood the art of treating a woman. On the contrast I was a wild villager.
You see! I was his friend but that was not enough to secure me a market of those hot girls in our class……I remember one time trying to date a girl called Claire but I was rejected on spot. you see! No girl wanted to be spotted in love with a poor villager.
My friend (the top guy) intervened to save me in vain. I guess the girl wanted him instead. He felt hurt because he could not change me to be him. I purely understood he was in an awkward situation.

It is from lake Mburo national park during a trip of our S4 class that I encountered girls of immaculate Heart where I met my first love.

We had a discussion just a group of 10 students on the features of savannah vegetation. After the discussion I only contemplated about the lonely journey back to school…to my surprise I heard someone say excuse me. And I thought to myself who the hell could that be?

Turning back, I saw the most beautiful girl I had never see. You see! I was struck, she wanted to consult further about the topic. She had not understood some concept well… precisely on Savannah vegetation.
You see! It was a second chance for me to try my luck on matters of love. I took her in the wilderness just besides where we had camped to make the discussion practical since we were already in the savannah vegetation.

You know! The way I explained…I had to ensure I do better than her geography teacher because mine was coupled with interest. Besides, I wanted to get a private moment in which I could give her jabs of love words and also to ensure that when I am bounced my friends don’t notice.

She was satisfied with my explanation I can say…but you see! Me with her in that wild beauty, I prayed to God to perform a miracle. So that my encounter with her does not stop there. The major task on my shoulder was to transition from academics to a love story.

For example: in order to extract a conversation from her, I asked her to tell me about her home district, her hobbies…but then she was very direct you see! Like I tried to get any topic that could help me get a conversation from her in vain. The dilemma is that we’re all introverts.

So, time went on until it was time to go back to school without doing something substantial for myself. So, when time to return to school reached, she gave me a hug. What? I couldn’t believe it. Of course, as a matter of last resort, I had to ask for a phone number.

She bluntly turned down my request though I must say she was later sympathetic. She gave me the option that I should be the one to give her my number not her to give me hers.

Well, this was problematic for me as I had no hope that she would ever call me…..I remember I didn’t even have a cell phone then. Thus, I gave her my brother’s.
After a period of 4months I was told by my brothertravel.someone called him. You know! I had forgotten about all the events at Lake Mburo…. when he described the person that had called, I realized that it could be her. For that matter I had to call back and fortunately I found that it was her. You see! When I heard her voice, it was unbelievable. I experienced what they call a miracle.

This miracle commenced from the savannah grasslands of lake Mburo national park…I must say this encounter is the genesis of my love for travel.

For: you all that are still slaves of your first love.

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