My love letter to Uganda

The flag of Uganda was adopted on 9 October 1962, the date that Uganda became independent from the British Empire (PHOTO /Courtesy)

Dear love,

You’re that partner that breathes fresh life into my being. You make me live again and again.

You’re the definition of my being, I have no control over my self in this love because ours is mysterious. You loved me from the day I was born 27 years ago, you
watched me grow and I am now a grown up.

Stay with me because your presence defines the meaning of existence for me.

Our love has withered the storm and the hate in the electoral process, the raking unemployment, discrimination among others. All these have tested the foundations of my love for you but have not broken it.

Our love runs beyond the Tibuhaburwa and bobi wine terrain. Ours is the ultimate of humanity.

Your surprises through helping strangers on streets are fascinating. I will never forget the day your love revealed it self to me when that bodaboda man helped Gen. Katumba Wamala. For me this was something for another world. It’s a memory deeply entrenched in the fibers of my being.

Other moments I will never forget in our love adventure is the way you overcome fear and the tribal lines to manifest your love. Those scenes are so beautiful because they manifest your never-ending beauty. At times when I have lacked tuition, food, shelter etc. you have come to my rescue through strangers. People not my relatives nor my tribemates. I am grateful my love.
I define your love as my beginning and ending. Your love is the vision, the struggle and the success. It is the perseverance inspite of the vices of corruption, bad governance, neo-colonialism and discrimination.

Your love is a slide in self-discovery. Through you my love I affirm my existence, it is through you that the beauty of life is clearly manifested. Your love is an introduction to the totality of my being.
You’re beautiful and beyond. When I look at the Nile, Mt. Rwenzori, Lake Victoria, the hot springs and craters, Kyitami kyanyahwera, the wild beings in para national park, Mt. Elgon etc. your beauty is undisputed.
When I look at the Askari spending a sleepless night to protect bank of Uganda and factories, your beauty strikes. I see the value in you and I hold you dearly.

In love and affection…
Kamurinde john is a lawyer, a counselor and an author.
[email protected]
+256 708157586.

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