LUMBUYE ARREST: Uganda, Turkey have no reciprocal bilateral arrangement that warrant extradition, says lawyer

Fred Kajjubi Lumbuye arrest in Turkey (PHOTO /Courtesy)

KAMPALA — National Unity Platform (NUP) lawyer Muwada Nkunyingi has described the alleged arrest of popular blogger Fred Kajjubi Lumbuye as an attempt by President Museveni administration to suffocate Ugandans in the Diaspora through kidnap and illegal extradition.

Muwada who is also the Kyadondo East Member of Parliament says todate, there is no reciprocal treaty or bilateral arrangement that warrant extradition between Uganda and Turkey, adding that any attempt to extradite a Ugandan morover for housing Political divergent views is illegal under domestic and international law.

Mr. Muwada says the party is taking necessary steps to reach out to the Turkish Diplomatic circles to demand for Mr. Lumbuye’s whereabouts and unconditional release or rescue.

“All illegal attempts to suffocate Ugandans in the Diaspora through kidnap and illegal extradition and at times poisoning must be resisted and Condemned,” Muwenda said, adding that:

“These constitute Human Rights Violation and defy multiple international conventions and Treaties. All efforts and approaches by Ugandan’s here and abroad that demand for his safety and Freedom remain important”.

The spokesperson of the Criminal Investigations Department, Charles Twine last month said that security agencies had intensified their efforts in tracking down Mr. Lumbuye Kajjubi whom they say was the prime orchestrator of the devastating news of the ‘death’ of President Museveni.

Twine said they were closely monitoring
the social media conduct of Ugandans especially in diaspora.

President Museveni last month ordered security services to quickly investigate and follow up individuals who peddle false news on social media.

“We need to solve this issue.. it is not security but an idiotic media. Social media has been saying Museveni is dead. When I went to Bombo people were looking…. Because they had been told by social media that Museveni is dead. Security service needs to solve that problem. They need to check and locate quickly, the one who tells such as story and waste peoples time. They should go for you, locate where you are and come for you. If you are in Europe, we denounce you. Say go to hell! he said.

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