Magufuli, health ministry bow to pressure, now urge precaution against Covid-19

President John Magufuli (FILE PHOTO)

Few hours after President Magufuli called on Tanzanians to continue taking precaution against the novel coronavirus, the Health ministry has come out boldly to admit that the pandemic exists.

“As said by the president, we won last year and the economy continued to grow until we achieved the middle economy status and Corona still existed. We did not set lockdowns, and even now, we will not impose lockdowns because God is on our side…,” reads the Ministry’s statement.

The Ministry has now urged Tanzanians to take all the required precautions against Covid-19 including wearing face masks.

This is the first time that the ministry seems to concede that the Covid-19 pandemic does exist.

The statement issued on Sunday, February 21, 2021 by the Head of the Public Relations Unit, Gerard Chami said the Ministry continues to monitor and stress the implementation of precautionary measures against various non-communicable and communicable diseases including outbreaks including the threat of Covid-19.

He mentioned other precautions including hand washing, use of sanitizer, exercising, and protection for all those at risk such as the elderly, obese people, and those with chronic illnesses.

The statement also urged Tanzanians to get proper nutrition including fruits and vegetables, use natural remedies registered by the council of traditional healers and as advised by relevant professionals and visit health facilities as soon as you see symptoms of illness so that caregivers can have a better chance of treating.

“It is important for everyone to have a routine of checking their health and continuing to take precautions based on the principles of a healthy lifestyle in order to eliminate health risks that weaken the immune system. Each of us should feel responsible for preventing and controlling non-communicable and communicable diseases,” said Chami.

Speaking this morning during the holy Sunday Mass (1st Sunday of Lent), President Magufuli urged Tanzanians to continue to take precautions against coronavirus as directed by health experts.

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