Magufuli: We’ll defeat the so called COVID-19 by God’s help

Tanzania President John Magufuli (PHOTO/Courtesy)

President John Magufuli said Tanzania will overcome diseases, including ‘the so called Covid-19’, by adhering to directives issued by health authorities, by putting God first, by working hard, by remaining strong, and by being united.

Dr Magufuli made the statement on Friday in
Morogoro Town.

Mr. Magufuli commended clerics, Morogoro residents and the general public for their continued trust in God and that all diseases will be defeated in the name of God who is above everything.

“God is everything. We succeeded in the beginning; we will also succeed in future. We will always succeed because God has always been with Tanzanians,” he said.

“Fear is the worst sin in battling a disease. Therefore, I call upon Morogoro residents and Tanzanians in general to stand firm, work hard and use alternative measures including steaming. We will defeat this and everything will go.”

The Head of State reiterated the need for Tanzanians to work hard, remain strong and be united, insisting that Tanzania will emerge victorious with a large margin.

Dr Magufuli said Covid-19 forced people in foreign countries to remain under lockdown, something that stalled economic activities and ultimately plunged their states into food shortage and hunger.

He called upon Tanzanians to produce more commercial and food crops in order to build a vibrant economy, saying stomachs don’t understand lockdowns as they keep demanding for food.

“Our country has entered a middle economy among a very few African countries. Therefore, let us continue working hard. I’m aware Morogoro has started regaining its industrial status by investing in leather, garments and many other factories,” he said.

He encouraged investors to continue building industries because these created jobs for Tanzanians.

“Morogoro residents should work hard as it rains everywhere in the country because this is the strategic agricultural production region,” he said.

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