Make a Child Smile equips community leaders on ending Human Trafficking

Alex Ssembatya sensitizing leaders on human trafficking

As part of the recently launched campaign against Human Trafficking by Make a Child Smile a Non- Governmental Organization (NGO) fighting modern day slavery and child sacrifice, a number of community leaders and stakeholders have been equipped to fight the vice.

On 15th March this year, Make a child Smile launched a campaign aimed at reviving the fight against human trafficking and child sacrifice. The campaign started in the border districts and will be rolled out across the entire country.

During the sensitization meetings, the organization Executive Director, Alex Ssembatya sad that human trafficking is a crime and it will take efforts of all stakeholders to defeat the vice.

Ssembatya asked all local leaders from over 20 villages in Busia district to rise up and use their positions and influence to end human trafficking.

“We are here to create awareness and recruit leaders within the border district of Busia so that they become champions in the fight against human trafficking and child sacrifice. Due to the porous borders, our children who are mostly girls are trafficked to Kenya only to worker as street beggars, scrap dealers, commercial sex workers among other exploitative ventures,” Ssembatya said.

sensitization taken to schools

Ssembatya added that, “We were able to hold sensitization meetings among students in several schools both secondary and Primary schools, the police, the judiciary, the Local leaders from LC5 to LC1 Chairpersons with the aim of equipping them with information that they can pass on to their community members.”

He encouraged the school going children to always be vigilant and avoid taking gifts from strangers whose aim is to kidnap them and lur them into criminal behaviors.

During the meeting, local leaders committed to amplify the fight against human trafficking despite expressing disappointment in the security organs especially the Police that have on several times neglected and ignored the cases of human trafficking reported to them.

However, Rose Nalubega the Police’s Acting Commissioner Sexual and Children Offences at the CID headquarters promised that her officer will work to prioritize cases of human trafficking encouraging all stakeholders to work directly with her for smooth running of cases.

Nalubega noted that human trafficking is a crime and everyone is a potential victim and therefore it requires every stakeholder to join efforts to put it to an end.

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