MAKING ME —For all teachers that changed our lives

Behind each student were resourceful parents, caretakers, families and dedicated educators of all kinds who reached out with open arms of support, as we helped each other get used to using new platforms and programs for the first time (PHOTO /Courtesy)

“…………. Teaching is a vocation. It is one discourse that keeps both the educator and educated alive to the reality of existence. When I look back in my education journey, I don’t remember the law, the math, the social studies etc. what guides me today in the daily face to face with existence is not the law, the biology, mathematics I learnt back in school. It is the lovely gesture of my teacher. It is this love that drove me and still sustains my day to day encounter with life”

Dear Teacher,

Thank you for never giving up on me in spite of my stubborn character and hooliganism.
Thank you for treating me kindly and not letting me give up on myself. You always believed in me; you saw the value in me even when I saw none. For the whole of my education journey I have been an average student. I let you down several times but you kept the faith.

You watched me grow and transform. I am now a grown-up man. Whereas I am still unemployed, I must say that I hold you dearly in my heart because you’re my foundation. My prayer has always been that the day I will get money I will take you out and buy for you enturire.

You continue to manifest your love and creativity even in the difficult times of corona virus. Your hand reaches where no one reaches, you’re a living example of the power of love and the power of small actions in causing change. When I look back, you are part of my definition today. Thank you for making a difference.
When the times are difficult, I have always gone back to spy on you to establish where you fetch your love. Because in our beautiful experience at school lays the shield to face the world.

May the almighty God receive my thanks and award you abundantly. I am forever grateful.

#My teacher is synonymous with greatness.

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