Mbarara businesswoman wanted for ‘stealing’ shop attendant’s kidney

Businesswoman Miria Namaya Rwigambwa faces human trafficking charges (PHOTO /Courtesy)

Businesswoman Miria Namaya Rwigambwa faces human trafficking charges (PHOTO /Daily Monitor)

KAMPALA – Mbarara City-based businesswoman Miria Namaya Rwigambwa has been summoned by Court to face fresh charges of aggravated human trafficking and luring her shop attendant into donating his kidney to her husband in 2014.

Ms. Namaya Rwigambwa is accused by Brian Ainaitwe of duping and facilitating him to India for the removal of his body part.

Ainaitwe’s lawyer told UG Standard that his client hasn’t received justice since 2014 after an earlier trial was controversially dismissed by the High Court at the pre-hearing stage.

The lawyer said that the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Justice Jane Frances Abodo has reinstated and sanctioned the new charges against Ms. Rwigambwa who has already received criminal summons to appear in Court.

The lawyer said their client is now receiving death threats.


It is alleged that Ms. Namaya Rwigambwa in July 2014 forged Ainaitwe’s birth certificate and a citizenship verification form B and that in March 2013 there was a fight between Ntare High School and Mbarara High School and among the injured was the accused’s son Michael Arinda who was rescued by Ainaitwe.

Due to the assistance rendered by the victim, he was welcomed into the accused’s family and consequently offered a job at the family’s hardware shop in Mbarara City.

However, after working for a few months, Ms. Namaya Rwigambwa requested Ainaitwe to donate a kidney to her sick husband the late John Rwigambwa but the accused refused.

“The accused knowing she had control or authority over the victim instead lured him with hefty rewards which included part of the family arcade in Mbarara, a plot at Makenke, and another plot with an incomplete building in Katete in Mbarara Municipality [turned City] in return for the kidney donation although no written agreement to this effect was made,” reads part of the evidence the state tends to rely on.

It is further stated that after consenting to donate his left kidney to the accused’s husband he was taken to Mulago Hospital in Kampala and Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi to establish whether he was a suitable donor.

It is stated that later Ms. Namaya Rwigambwa processed travel documents for Arinaitwe using forged information on a birth certificate presenting herself and her husband as his biological parents instead of indicating Nnalongo Busingye Kyabalongo and the late Kyabalongo as the true parents.

In July 2014, Ms. Namaya Rwigambwa facilitated Arinaitwe, her husband, and her step-son Dickson Tumwebaze to travel to Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in India for a kidney transplant.

However the Ms. Namaya Rwigambwa’s husband, John Rwigambwa died shortly after the transplant and upon returning to Uganda, Ms. Namaya Rwigambwa reneged on all the promises she had made to Ainaitwe.

The victim reported to police that recommended a medical examination which confirmed he had no left kidney.

Ainaitwe’s lawyer says Ms. Rwigambwa intended to steal the victim’s kidney through deception.

Punishments for traffickers

The 2009 anti-trafficking act criminalized sex trafficking and labor trafficking and prescribed punishments of up to 15 years’ imprisonment for offenses involving adult victims and up to life imprisonment for those involving child victims

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