Meet Jeevan Joy: Uganda Airlines’ celebrated first officer

KAMPALA —Jeevan Joy is a first oficer at Uganda Airlines, the country’s national carrier.

Joy holds ICAO Airline Transport Pilots License (FAA) with experience in flying; Airbus A320, A321 and A330.

He has a total jet time of over 4500 hours flying the Crane’s bombardiers higher and higher every day.

Jeevan has steadily built a good reputation for being a reliable, skilled, dedicated and proficient pilot, motivated and capable in handling all responsibilities of his position.

Summary About First Officer Jeevan

Fleet: A330

Position: First Officer

Total Time: Over 6500 hours

Total Jet Time: Over 4500 hours

Total Jet Command: N/A

Qualifications: ICAO Airline Transport Pilots License (FAA)

Commercial Aircraft Flown: Airbus A320, A321 and A330.

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