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Mention and explain 6 factors led to the rise of Buganda kingdom



The British handed over the conquered kingdoms e.g. Bunyoro, Bungaizi.

2. The Buganda rulers befriended the British whom they used to subdue their traditional enemies e.g. Bunyoro.

3. The Ganda traditions contributed to the growth of the Kingdom. Farming was done by women while men were involved in carpentry.

4. Participation in long distance trade enabled the kingdom to obtain wealth that was used to maintain it e.g. her army was supplied with guns.

5. Region had fertile soils and suitable climate which greatly boosted agricultural activities. They were to produce adequate food e.g. bananas which catered for the population.

6. Had strong, shrewd and competent rulers e.g. kabaka Mutesa.

7. Had strong well equipped army which was loyal to the king.

8. It had a centralised political system. The absolute rule under one King Kabaka ensured effective control.

9. Acquired a lot of wealth from the areas she conquered for instance, the annexation of Budu iron field

10. The Buganda had had good security and was therefore able to concentrate on political organisation.

11. She enjoyed stratgic social and political advantages over her neighbours e.g. Toro.

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