Military intelligence investigating NIRA bosses over issuing National IDs to foreign nationals

Dr. Muganga was arrested on Thursday morning (PHOTO /Courtesy)

KAMPALA – Dr. Lawrence Muganga, who was taken into custody by the military on Thursday afternoon, is a Ugandan national.

It has emerged that the Victoria University Vice Chancellor, a highly trained in Canada for several years has a Ugandan national ID.

It isn’t immediately clear how Dr. Muganga who was arrested over espionage links and illegal stay in the country acquired a Ugandan national identification card.

Top security official told UG Standard several non-citizens have been acquiring Ugandan nationality and driving licenses through forgery.

This website understands that security agencies are investigating a criminal racket that forges national identity cards and supporting letters to allow foreign nationals get Ugandan Identity.

Dr. Lawrence Muganga’s national ID shows he’s a Ugandan but military intelligence arrested him over illegal stay (PHOTO /Courtesy)

The investigation is focused on the National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA), which issues national IDs and Uganda Security Printing Company (USPC), which issues driving licenses under the Uganda Driver Licensing System (UDLS).

The investigation began after several foreign nationals, including many from a neighboring country, were found to have obtained Ugandan driving licenses using forged documents from NIRA.

“There are rackets that collude across different agencies to forge these documents, which is a serious security threat,” a security official privy to the investigation was quoted by the Observer as saying.

Last month, UDLS project coordinator Andrew Kagoda told journalists that hackers had targeted the system in an attempt to infiltrate it.

“We have rising cases of middlemen and fraudsters attempting to infiltrate and undermine our system,” he said in a story carried by a local daily.

“We have several cases on file, and arrests have been made, and many cases are still under investigation,” he added.

Investigators are now looking inside the institutions for possible collaborators, including some foreign nationals working on the security project. Investigators are also looking into allegations that at least one senior official (name withheld for legal reasons) was hired by USPC despite having a criminal record in the United States of America.

It isn’t immediately clear whether Dr. Muganga’s arrested is linked to this investigation.

His Ugandan national ID is due to expire in 2029.

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