Minister Adoa commits to support Feed Processors in addressing Unemployment

KAMPALA-Hon Hellen Adoa, the state Minister for Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries has expressed gratitude to Uganda Animal Feeds Manufacturers Association (UGAFMA) for their tremendous efforts in ensuring that they improve on quality of the feeds on market , through equipping their members with required knowledge and support.

Minister Hellen Adoa (middle in front row) with other stakeholders who participated in the engagement.

At the Seminar aimed at creating advancement in Uganda’s feeds and Bio fuel held on Wednesday in Kampala,the Minister noted that improving on feeds quality and quantity produced, doesn’t only help farmers, but all Ugandans through employment creation.

“Even if my colleague had not sent me to represent him ,I would have supported you as the Minister for Fisheries I am struggling because there is no feeds for fish in this country. I have met several youths mingling Posho for fish and they end up getting retarded.”

She also pointed out that its so surprising that despite of the fact that the country has very many scientists, there is shortage of quality feeds which has given investors a lee way to bring in expensive feeds.

“We have a lot of wetlands that we have abandoned and can re-generate any feeds for the animals. In Uganda we have many ponds that have expanded into small lakes and if properly utilized, they can be used to increase fish in the country but this can’t be possible in absence of quality affordable feeds.”

The Minister therefore promised to inform President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni about their initiative aimed at eradicating unemployment for more support.

Marcel Franitza, Industry Director Animal Feeds at ANDRITZ feeds and Bio fuel commended Uganda for having plenty of quality raw materials for animals feeds and concentrates.

“We are ready to support local producers in their production because value addition doesn’t not only create jobs for people, but it also widens the country’s revenue base through taxes.”

Aimable Mbarushimana, Chairman UGAFMA during the two day engagement revealed that such engagements create more opportunities for Uganda to showcase its potential as well as raw materials available for animal feed production.

“We are sensitizing people on how to engage with the new leadership infrastructure as feed producers. We also need to promote job creation than sending out people to foreign countries.”

He further added that ANDRITZ is a globally known expert in the feeds business and working closer with Ugandan Entrepreneurs will create a bigger impact to the country’s economy.

















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