Minister: FDC is a fish pond for NRM

Former FDC top leader Beatrice Anywar and President Museveni at a recent event (PHOTO /Courtesy)

State Minister for Environment, Beatrice Anywar has backed the appointment of Forum Democratic Change Deputy President Joyce Nabbosa Ssebugwawo as a member of cabinet in President Museveni government.

According to the former FDC iron lady whose peak days are well recalled in the 2008 Mabira riots, FDC has been a fishing pond for the ruling NRM party.

“We cannot be in fights all the time,” Anywar said. “I actually regret all the time I wasted opposing president Museveni. We cannot be fighting a man who has showed willingness to work with us,” she added.

On 14 December 2019, she was named in the Cabinet as the minister of state for environment.

She stood for Parliamentary elections in Kitgum Municipality on NRM ticket but lost to a candidate from her former party.

Anywar’s popularity in Uganda can be traced to her commitment to fighting environmental degradation and the plights of vulnerable people especially young children afflicted by nodding syndrome.

Ms. Anywar who showed up for vetting this week before Parliament’s Appointment Committee, encouraged other opposition leaders to join NRM, saying in politics there are no permanent friends and enemies.

She said while she was in the opposition, the NRM would implement some of her policy recommendations on the environment.

“Some of the opposition parties have become very intolerant. Some of the big parties are only operating in the Central Region,” Anywar said.

Several opposition leaders including Beti Kamya and Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi were previously appointed to serve in President Museveni administration.

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