Minister Kasaija to Ugandans : Create your own country if you don’t want to be taxed!

Minister for Finance Matia Kasaija (PHOTO/Courtesy)

The Minister for Finance, Hon. Matia Kasaija has scoffed at the plight of Ugandans decrying the newly crafted taxes. According to Kasaija, Ugandans are just ‘crying insensitively’ without looking at the bigger picture of what good things can be got out of the taxes.

“You see, they are crying to have good services but they don’t want to be taxed. That’s the funny and annoying thing about these people called Ugandans,” Kasaija remarked during a press interview this morning. “Ugandans can annoy. They are always complaining even when they don’t have a genuine reason,” he added.

Kasaija recommends that people who don’t want to be taxed should be at liberty to sit down and create their own country where they will not collect taxes. “All governments world over survive on taxes. I have not seen a government anywhere on the globe which does not tax its people,” Kasaija says. “If you do not want to be taxed, feel free to create your own country,” he advised.

Kasaija’s remarks come at a moment when the indebted NRM government plans to impose a string of taxes ranging from internet data, motor vehicles, Boda Bodas, minerals, housing estates and properties.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Apollo

    11/04/2021 at 9:12 AM

    No one said they don’t want to be taxed and as we are today, we are being taxed. What the honourable minister has failed to address is the fact that him as the custodian of our taxes, has failed to give Ugandans a proper accountability of what has been collected for all the years he has been minister and Ugandans are tired. Have you all noticed that each time he comes with insensitive policies that he can’t explain, he burst and scoffs at us? If it’s all a joke, let him give us the accountabilities of all the loans collected for Covid-19 . Let’s start from there… It’s not long ago so it shouldn’t be hard for him. Without that, then he should know we deserve the right to protest. Besides, there is not a single country that has ever taxed it’s citizens out of poverty. But with proper appropriation of the loans and aids and grants received, they are where they are

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