Minister Molly Kamukama maintains comfortable lead in Kazo District Woman MP delayed poll

Minister of State for Economic Monitoring Molly Nawe Kamukama says she is in a comfortable lead in Kazo District Woman MP NRM primaries.

The former President Museveni aide, Ms. Kamukama is up against seven others including Merabu Kyamazima, Leonida Sanyu, Maureen Karubanga and Ann Ruyondo Lumumba

Others are Ronah Ruranga, Hope Mbabazi Kajinja and Jennifer Rwaburibate Muheesi.

Kazo District results were delayed after massive chaos erupted in the newly created district. This website has learnt that a group of people allegedly connected to Ms. Ruranga on Friday ransacked the tally centre and left with the results after destroying some.

Several other trusted sources in Kazo have also confirmed these allegations.

Economic Monitoring Minister Molly Kamukama on Saturday in a statement said that despite the attack by the goons, she was still in a very comfortable lead.

“Good morning friends, despite an attack on the tally centre by one of my opponents & hired goons, I wish to inform all my supporters that I am firmly in the lead to win the @NRMOnline flag bearer position for Kazo Women MP,” Kamukama said Saturday morning.

“I urge you keep calm & await official communication. Numbers don’t lie.”

She added: “The declaration Forms in my possession put us in a comfortable lead & we are only awaiting official communication from the @NRMOnline electoral commission. Thank you all for the kind support.”

Kamukama did not share the preliminary results which she said put her in the lead.

NRM Electoral Commission Chairperson Tanga Odoi is expected in Kazo District on Sunday to decided on the next course of action.

Sources close to the developments in Kazo say, Ms. Kamukama had a very comfortable lead before process disorganized on Friday night.

The New Times is closely following up this story.

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