Ministry of Education resumes radio lessons as schools close over COVID-19

Ministry of Education to resume radio lessons as schools close over COVID-19 (PHOTO /File)

Radio lessons for middle grades of primary schools in will resume on Monday following the closure of schools due to COVID-19, a statement issued by the Ministry of Education and Sports said.

The lessons will be aired for P4 and P5 classes through 15 radio stations, and the date for other grades will be communicated soon, according to the statement signed by Alex Kakooza, permanent secretary of the ministry.

“Parents and guardians are therefore requested to support learners with radio sets and to also allow them time to tune in to the various radio stations in order to attend the lessons,” the statement said.

President Yoweri Museveni on Sunday closed schools and institutions of high learning for 42 days, effective from Monday.

The new measures also include the closure of all educational institutions, some bans on travel, the shutdown of weekly open markets, and the suspension of church services.

Most of the new restrictions, Museveni said, would be implemented for 42 days. An assessment of their impact will then help the government decide whether to ease or prolong them, he added.

The government had started airing radio lessons during a lockdown last year, but later some grades were allowed to go to school as COVID-19 cases dropped.

Mr Museveni said Sunday that the country has experienced an increase in clusters of infections in schools since March, with a total of 948 reported cases in 43 schools in 22 districts.

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