Ministry of Education revises school calendar, senior twos to report on Wednesday

Plan to harmonise school calendar 
Terms to last 12 weeks
– Holidays 15-17 days
– No exams this year
– 2021 starts August 9
– 2022 starts May 16
– 2023 starts April 10
– 2024 starts February

News guidelines on schools reopening

Education Minister Janet Museveni and PS Alex Kakooza (PHOTO/Courtesy)

KAMPALA – Uganda’s Education and Sports ministry has rescheduled its calendar, released earlier in December, with an order for learners in Senior two to report to their respective schools on May 13, for a new term.

The same ministry’s programme released in December, had given parents a laxity of up to May 31, but according to a circular, dated May 6, which permanent secretary, Alex Kakooza signed, the latest development is premised on the fact that the successful completion of Uneb exercise for O’ and A’ level students had created ample space.

The most students affected by the closure of schools a year ago, were the Senior One learners, who were still in their orientation when government announced nationwide lockdown due to the invasion of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Primary 1, 2 and 3 pupils will be the last to rejoin on June 7, after the semi-candidates of P6 get their holidays. Pupils in primary four and five will also have completed, leaving space for Primary 1, 2 and 3s from June 7.

Kakooza, earlier this year confirmed the academic year ends July.

“Please note that the academic year 2020 for primary schools, secondary schools and post primary education institutions will end in July 2021.

“Thereafter, a comprehensive school calendar for 2021 academic year, as well as a strategy for recovery of lost time, will be issued.

“Progression to the next class will be based on attendance and continuous assessment of class work and assignments

“The dates indicated on this calendar may only be varied after obtaining written permission, on an individual basis,” Kakooza communicated, in an earlier statement.

The latest developments offer parents a grace period of less than a week to ‘hunt’ for school dues in addition to a myriad of requirement, although Kakooza advised authorities to come up with ‘flexible fees schedules.’

“The initial school re-opening dates for Senior Two learners was May 31, 2021. However, following the completion of UCE and UACE examinations by S4 and S6 learners, respectively, more space has been created to accommodate extra class while observing Covid-19 SOPs.

“Considering the urgent need for recovery of lost learning time and the negative impact of long absence from school on young adolescents, the Ministry of Education and Sports, in consultation with stakeholders, has brought forward the reporting date of S2 by about two weeks,” reads – the Kakooza circular, in parts.

Kakooza clarifies further that the changes do not affect S2 students in facilities serving as marking centres, who will, officially return to their respective schools on June 8.

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