‘Muhoozi army’ is a trap to weaken the opposition, says Kabuleta

Former presidential candidate Joseph Kabuleta (PHOTO/Courtesy).

Former presidential candidate Joseph Kabuleta (PHOTO/Courtesy).

KAMPALA —The National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED) leader has described as jokers, individuals that are helping to push President Museveni’s son presidential ambitions.

Kabuleta, a former presidential candidate
likened them to the Ghanaian dancing pallbearers that gained global fame for their uncustomary approach to burials.

Pallbearers are participants who help carry the casket at a funeral.

Speaking at a maiden press conference since his November arrest, Kabuleta was unreserved in his disdain for the group he says is full of “self –interest individuals”.

“Uganda is a sick nation. Everything is sick no wonder they are now manufacturing outbreaks and pandemics. Right now we are on the death bed. So those on Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s army are the people that have undertaken to bury Uganda. If you meet anyone on Muhoozi’s army you tell them they are like those Ghanaian undertakers who carry coffins while dancing,” Kabuleta said.

Drawing parallels between Muhoozi and Museveni, he reasoned that; “As a president as his father has been, the one thing he has been, is a politician. He knows how to appease, when to use limited force when he needs to, though he has impoverished Uganda to ensure only his people have money. However, Muhoozi different, if one says something that annoys him, the next day they will pick you and torture you.”

Kabuleta further noted that part of the sinister ploy to install his son as president, is the destruction of other alternatives for the office thereby propping Muhoozi’s enthronement as an inevitability.

To the succession plot,Mr. Kabuleta emphatically says; “There’s not going to be a Muhoozi presidency and there’s not going to be an Odrek Rwabogo presidency. The next President after we get rid of this dictator is going to be someone whom the people choose.”

On the other hand, Mr. Kabuleta revealed that many people are in prison yet they are innocent. He said such innocent people need justice: he called upon Security Agencies and the Judiciary to intervene into the matter.

“While at Luzira Prison , I interacted with a good number of prisoners but unfortunately a good number of them were innocent; they were convicted on trumped up charges. Some are on remand and others convicted because they are poor and lacked money to bribe the system,” he said.

“Before we focus on changing the prison uniform colour from yellow to any other colour , we should first seek justice for our innocent people languishing in different prisons across the country,” added Mr. Kabuleta who was granted bail on 14 December, 2022 after spending over two weeks on remand over sectarianism charges,

The former presidential candidate also lashed out at the NRM government for always blackmailing opposition politicians with an aim of persuading them to join the ruling establishment.

“This is a trap to weaken the opposition, be careful,” he warned members of the opposition.

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