Museveni Advisors meet Youth leaders to re-energise Pan-African Spirit

Pan-African Union youth leaders meet Museveni’s advisors

Youth leaders under the Pan-African Youth Union have held talks with the Presidential Advisor on Youth and Children Affairs, Florence Nakiwala and the Senior Presidential Advisor on Diaspora Affairs, Amb. Abbey Walusimbi over the forth coming Pan-African Youth Forum.

The youthful delegation was led by Uganda National Youth Council Chairperson, Jacob Eyeru, Bening Ahmed Wiisichong Secretary General, Pan-African Youth Union, Roy Sasaka Tetewa CEO National Youth Council and Oliver Mutesi the Vice Chairperson, Pan-African Union.

The meeting was held ahead of the planned Pan-African Youth Forum to be hosted in Uganda next year bringing together youth leaders from the different National Youth Councils across the continent.

“I have committed to hosting all the 47 National Youth Councils next year to have a Pan-African Youth forum here; we are hosting legitimate youth leaders of our continent to begin getting involved in conversations of taking African forward,” said Jacob Eyeru.

Eyeru said that there wouldn’t be a better place to launch the Pan-African Youth forum than Uganda since Uganda is the pivot of Pan-Africanism and President Museveni beats any leader on the continent in advancing for the same.

“Our President is out advancing for Pan-Africanism but the young people must support the head of State in the direction that he is taking. I insisted that the National Youth Councils of African get hosted here next year,” Eyeru said.

During the meeting hosted by the Presidential Advisor on Children and Youth Affairs, Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi, noted that government will offer all the necessary support towards the event as well as pushing the agenda of uniting the youth across the continent.

Nakiwala said that the NRM government believe in Pan-Africanism and all policies and guidelines developed must have a component of Pan-Africanism

“It’s not enough to say that you are a young person it is more important to be strategic as a young person and to be a purposeful and to have the skills that are needed,” Nakiwala said.

Nakiwala noted that Uganda is driving a youth inclusion agenda and these have been in cooperated in leadership right from the grassroots.

The Presidential advisor promised to offer all the relevant support to ensure a successful event of the Pan-African Youth form come next year.

“Given the journey since 1962, the struggle has been empowerment, world over the job market is shrinking we want to ensure that the peace and the freedom we have translates into the well being of the people by increasing house hold income through the youth since they form the majority,” Nakiwala said.

On his part, the Senior Presidential Advisor on Diaspora Affairs, Amb. Abbey Walusimbi appreciated President Yoweri Museveni for taking a centre stage in ensuring regional cooperation and a dream of having a united Africa, a journey that he started way back.

“We call upon the young people to get a hold of this mantle, its no longer achievable for countries to work in isolation. I thank the President for taking a step to push for regional cooperation and his efforts are yielding results,” Amb. Walusimbi said.

Walusimbi added that, “Hosting the forum next year is on a welcome note and government shall grant you all the necessary support. We shall rally behind the youth council so as to pull off a successful event.”

The Secretary General Pan-African Youth Union, Bening Ahmed Wiisichong appreciated the Ugandan leaders for the support offered as well as Uganda’s continued efforts towards a cooperated Africa.

“As young people we identify with Uganda because of the role the country has played to always lead the integration process. The PAN-African youth Union is aimed at bringing together youth Councils across African, this we do by harmonizing the efforts across the board,” Wiisichong said.

Others in attendance of the meeting were diaspora leaders from Canada headed by Fred Kinene the Chairman NRM chapter in Canada.

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