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Museveni appoints Akon as culture and tourism ambassador for Uganda

Akon has been appointed special tourism ambassador for Uganda

President Yoweri Museveni has appointed american rap artist and singer Akon as a special tourism and culture ambassador for Uganda.

The singer and entrepreneur will promote tourism, culture and investment opportunities abroad, a role that is also  occupied by BET award winning artist Edirisa Musuuza known by his stage name Eddy Kenzo.

Some sources say Eddie Kenzo had underperformed in his months long tenure as the country kept on being hit with crises that required good public relations.

The cancellation of the MTV Mama Awards for instance did not go well with the UTB as they expected Kenzo to take on the NUP bloggers who had launched a virtual boycott of the event till they overwhelmed its organizers and they tapped out.

Museveni is said to have gone furious when the Mama Africa awards were called off without a convincing explanation.

He attributed blame to the tourism brand ambassador whom he had expected to fight for the event to stay by promoting good PR about the country.

Sources said President Museveni has since tasked Akon and group to vigorously promote Uganda’s image abroad after several celebrities including DJ Khalid shunned the country in the face of international criticism— stemming from gross human rights violation after worst election violence in a generation rocked Uganda as young people rejected his win over Bobi Wine.

The ruling party has long argued that it brings peace and stability to Uganda. Yet, while the authoritarian Museveni regime has maintained a grip on Ugandan society thus far by jailing several critics, including academic and human rights activist Stella Nyanzi, the sheer scale of arrests in the last 12 weeks have led influential Kampala Archbishop Cyprian Lwanga to warn of a return to the “dark days” of previous regimes.

The Archbishop has been found dead in his room at Lubaga.

Under the brutal dictator Idi Amin, thousands of Ugandans were detained, tortured, and extrajudicially executed between 1971 and 1979 by security forces.

Once again, Ugandans are fearfully whispering about the long arm of a military intelligence unit. The unit, known as the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, has enforced Museveni’s rule for years and seems to have ramped up its operations, according to a report in the Mail and Guardian.

Amnesty International has also raised the alarm about the increasing number of people who have gone missing since January’s election violence.

The human rights group spoke to survivors who said they were picked up in unmarked police cars and taken to undisclosed locations where they were beaten and questioned about their political affiliations and their participation in January’s protests.

It is now clear that violence once dismissed as electoral unrest was part of a growing pattern of repression.

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