Museveni commends security for apprehending NUP MPs

NRM party chairperson Yoweri Museveni (PHOTO/Courtesy).

President Museveni has expressed his gratitude towards the armed forces over their resilience in apprehending the National Unity Platform party legislators implicated in the Masaka killings.

According to inside sources in state house, Museveni expected the operation to be met with stiff resistance from the general public which is why he unleashed an unprecedented amount of gendarmes of armed forces in Masaka from last weekend when the MPs were summoned. “We were scared because we thought protests would rock Masaka city,” a security source said. “We deployed over 2000 uniformed and plain clothed personnel to man the operation,” he adds.

It is further revealed that Museveni was in constant touch with the overseer of the Masaka operations whom he would contact by phone in every 15 minutes pattern. “He had to ensure that there wouldn’t be any ounce of resistance,” our source reveals. “Obviously Ssewanyana and Ssegirinya are sacrifical lambs that is why we had to panic and deploy heavily,” he adds.

Unverified reports inside state house indicate that Museveni also plans to find a way of involving his major challenger Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert aka Bobi Wine so that he can fully walk away with it. The script is to first indict the NUP MPs before finding a way to involve Hon. Kyagulanyi. “We have laid our trap to get the big fish,” a security aide confesses. “You can’t directly go for Bobi Wine but touching his MPs of course is a step we’ve so far taken,” he adds.

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