Museveni faces criminal charges as lawyer Mabirizi demands for his driving permit

President Museveni last week reported himself in an ecstatic self-drive at his Kisozi ranch (PHOTO /Courtesy)

KAMPALA —Lawyer Male Mabirizi has asked the Ministry of Works and Transport to avail him a copy of President Museveni’s valid driving permit, after the head of state reported himself in an ecstatic self-drive at his Kisozi ranch on the week.

The President posted on his social media pages:

“Leaving Kisozi earlier this morning for official engagements in Kampala and the cabinet meeting in Entebbe,” Mr. Museveni commands a big social media following wrote, attaching a widely shared photo of himself in a self-drive at Kisozi ranch.

Lawyer Male Mabirizi has since picked up the matter—asking worksministry’s Permanent Secretary in a letter dated January 24, to produce Mr. Museveni’s valid driving permit—before he launches criminal proceedings against bim.

“I address you in my capacity as a civically active Ugandan with a citizenry duty under Article(1)(d) of the Constitution to protect and preserve public property and with an inherent fundamental human right under Article 41 of the Uganda 1995 Constitution and section 5 of the Access to Information Act 2005 to access information in possession of public officers,” Mabirizi wrote, adding that he has on several occasions seen Mr. Museveni drive government vehicles yet he is “disqualified from obtaining a driving licence” given the likely impairment on his vision caused by his old age.

Mabirizi says that should he find out that Mr. Museveni has a valid driving licence, he will also launch criminal charges against him under section 58 (1) of the Traffic and Road Safety Act which states that a person disqualified from getting a driving permit and is found with one commits an offence.

“If he has no licence, then he committed an offence contrary to section 35(1) of the Traffic and Road Safety Act which states that a person shall not drive any class of motor vehicle unless he or she is in possession of a copy of valid driving licence in respect of that vehicle punishable by six months imprisonment,”Mabirizi states.

Citing sections in the penal code, Mabirizi says that by requesting for Museveni’s driving licence, he intends to institute criminal proceedings against him for driving sensitive government vehicles illegally.

“I need to remind you that the law gives you a maximum of 21 days to respond, failure of which may lead to separate criminal prosecution against yourself for concealing a record,” Mabirizi warned the Ministry of Works Permanent Secretary.

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