Museveni son-in-law Odrek Rwabwogo launches online lectures against tribalism as row with Tamale Mirundi enters second round

Odrek Rwabwogo is President Museveni’s son-in-law (PHOTO /Courtesy)

KAMPALA — President Yoweri Museveni’s son-in-law, Odrek Rwabwogo says he is launching online classes against tribalism.

In a brief statement on Facebook, Rwabwogo said the segment sessions will launch on July 16, in which he will lecture Ugandans on the importance of connectedness of the African against tribalism in the Great Lakes Region

“Look out for our four segment session on the connectedness of the African against tribalism in the Great lakes region. Starting tomorrow 16.07.21,” he wrote.

Early this month, Rwabwogo recorded a message denying what he described hateful and tribal sentiments levelled against him by Tamale Mirundi, the controversial presidential advisor on media.

The audio clip played on Pearl FM and Impact FM and different YouTube channels by Tamale Mirundi linked Mr. Rwabwogo to the attempted assassination on Gen Katumba in which the Ministers daughter Brenda Nantongo and driver Haruna Kayondo were killed.

In a separate audio clip, Tamale Mirundi also alleged that Mr. Rwabwogo, and the Agriculture Minister Frank Tumwebaze are the leaders of a mafia cabal involved in exporting human organs.

Odrek Rwabeogo to launch online segments against tribalism

Mr. Rwabwogo who denied  the allegations says he is being soiled on tribal grounds and that would embark on demolishing the lies against him by reaching out to the same audience—lecturing them against tribalism and the dangers of hateful messages.

Odrek Rwabwogo and Tamale Mirundi, the controversial presidential advisor on media (PHOTO /Courtesy)

“While I can complain directly to the faceless western YouTube channel that has no interest in Africa otherthan dominating the minds of our people, I prefer speaking directly in my own voice to my fellow Ugandans and a number of the African Brothers and Sisters, many who I work with and have heard these lies and continue to send me messages, worried about the potential harm these fake voices may cause to my people, my family and my work, I would like to use this opportunity not to fight back as many have been asking me but instead to teach and perhaps find some minimum ground with the people who spread this negativety,” he said.

Rwabwogo said most importantly, he wants to to reach out to the listeners to assure them that these voices purportedly attributed to him and” the despicable content the voices carry, are a lie from the pit of hell”.

Rwabwogo has since recorded a number of audio clipsz tackling overlooked media ethics and practices as well as respond to what he terms hateful propaganda that has been circulating on various media against him.

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