Museveni spits at Kadaga in State House meeting

Museveni spits at Kadaga in State House meeting

Museveni spits at Kadaga in State House meeting

KAMPALA — A bitter row turned bloody during a state house reconciliatory meeting between the NRM party chairman, Gen. Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Museveni and the warring speaker contenders, Rebecca Kadaga and her Deputy Jacob Oulanyah.

Credible sources privy to the meeting say Mr. Museveni was so infuriated that he even directed the Busoga kingpin to stop dragging his name into her campaign bid. Museveni is quoted to have told off Kadaga that he was to pass the age limit bill even without her input in parliament as he was relying on the NRM chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa and his brother Gen. Salim Saleh who would spearhead a referendum that would still see article 102(b) scrapped off the constitution.

“I was going to do all possible to see my presidential ambitions advance. I had several alternatives like the referendum,” Museveni reportedly roared at Kadaga. “Stop this rubbish of claiming that you helped me to secure this 2021 term. I am a revolutionary who knows what to do. You found me in politics,” Museveni added.

In the same meeting, Oulanyah who had Nankabirwa’s favour also disregarded allegations that he ran away from the age limit bill. The Acholi NRM stalwart says he was in fact amongst the initiators of the age limit bill. I was among the initiators in fact Hon. Nankabirwa can defend me on that,” Oulanyah said.

The meeting which began from 17:00hrs lasted for 5 extra hours and Museveni gave a directive that the campaign for speaker gets halted till the Kyankwanzi retreat comes up with a resolution. Kadaga left very frustrated while Oulanyah was all smiles and warming up to take up the slot.

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