Museveni’s advisor meets Nigeria’s Consular to New York over diaspora engagement

Amb. Egopija meets Amb. Walusimbi in New York

The Senior Presidential Advisor on Diaspora Affairs, Amb. Abbey Walusimbi has held bilateral talks with the Nigerian Consular General to New York, Amb. Lot Peter Egopija aimed at fostering a combined approach towards building a strong diaspora community.

The meeting was held at the Nigerian consulate in New York as part of President Museveni’s mission in bringing together African brothers to mobilize, engage and encourage African historical diasporas to contribute to the growth and development of the African continent.

The meeting was attended by Ralph Charles the Special Advisor to New York state Senate, James Sanders Jr, Dr. Nelson Aluya the President of Nigerian American Public Affairs Committee (NAPAC), Olivia Nantongo from the Office of Senior Presidential Advisor on Diaspora Affairs, among others.

“H.E President Museveni as a Pan-Africanist believes that as Africans we need to work together to create the platforms for greater interactions and engagement with African diasporas for the benefits of the African continent,” Walusimbi said.

Walusimbi said that his visit is as well aimed at learning and understanding the methods and successes of the Nigerian Consulate in dealing with their diasporas.

He added that his office is currently working to establish a strong relationship with other African countries in building the diaspora into a stronger force of economic growth and development.

On his part, Amb. Egopija welcomed the move by Walusimbi and promised to offer him all the relevant support towards the achievement of the common objective.

Amb. Egopija congratulated  President Museveni upon his recent reelection and commended him for establishing a strong relationship with Nigeria as well as creating a favorable environment that has attracted a number of Nigerians to do business in Uganda as well as set up investments.

On mobilization and engagement of the diaspora, Amb. Egopija advised Amb. Walusimbi to begin by establishing credible data of all Ugandans in the diaspora, finding out what they do and how government can help them do similar work back home.

“I advise that you get to know your people, listen to them and see how they can contribute to the development agenda taken by President Museveni. As a way of talking to diaspora, we have developed town hall meetings where we meet our diasporas to hear from them,” Egopija said.

He added that, “If you talk to them, you can are not likely to go to war with them, it’s the absence of communication that brings strife. We are Africans, we should be able to entertain divergent views.”

Amb. Walusimbi later held a closed door meeting with Ralph Charles the Special Advisor to New York state Senate, James Sanders Jr aimed establishing strong ties and working relationship with the government of Uganda.


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