Mystery surrounding President Kagame: What’s going on with Rwanda’s strongman health?

President Kagame

Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame reportedly had brain surgery

KIGALI — Rwanda’s long serving leader President Paul Kagame missed a number of high-profile appearance last month— and then murky, unverified reports emerged about his health.

But on Monday a key source to the centre of power in Rwanda establishment claimed Mr. Kagame was hospitalised in London, United Kingdom and that he had a second brain cancer surgery.

This website couldn’t verify this information on its own.

However, the Kigali establishment on Monday arraigned to the media, a top critic of Mr. Kagame administration, Paul Rusesabagina on alleged terror charges.

A well-known critic of President Kagame, Rusesabagina had been living outside Rwanda since 1996, and the police did not say where he was apprehended.

He had been living in Belgium and then in Texas in the U.S.

In handcuffs and a facemask, Rusesabagina, 66, was shown to the press in Rwanda’s capital, Kigali, on Monday by police. He has not yet been formally charged in court.

“Through international cooperation, the Rwanda Bureau of Investigation wants to inform the general public that Paul Rusesabagina has been arrested,” police said in a statement Monday.

Critics have since said Rwanda propagandists wanted to divert the media from the president’s deteriorating health.

According to reports, the situation in Kigali seems less certain after Rwanda’s strongman was reportedly in coma. But specific details about his condition were unclear and unverified — and Rwanda is well-known for suppressing and distorting news inside its borders.

GL Post, an online news run mostly by Rwanda’s defectors, reported that Kagame was admitted in a hospital in the United Kingdom.

Quoting unnamed sources from the British establishment, the paper claimed the president was on life support following a failed second surgery on his brain. It is publicly unknown that  President Kagame has been battling with cancer scourge in the last five years.

Other sources in Kigali who spoke to UgStandard on Tuesday morning, however, argued that Kagame probably is not dead but likely experiencing a difficult recovery from surgery.

One source said he has seen nothing of value in the latest flurry of allegations and claims.

“The rumors are mixing and merging, getting less reliable,” the source said, noting that the prospect of Kagame dying soon was a “remote possibility.” The more likely scenario, the source added, was that Kagame was still recovering.

“I don’t see how we can go from rumors and speculation to fact and interpretation until the Rwandans themselves decide to share something about his (Kagame) condition,” the source said.

Famous blogger Titus Seruga who is a thorn that has penetrated the flesh of Rwandan intelligence to the extent of hurting the bone marrow on Monday in an intel claimed President Kagame had secretly appointed Major Gen. Albert Murasira to succeeded his two decade dictatorship.

The blogger who has troubled Kigali administration, despite the invested resources in unmasking the face behind the person who keep leaking top exclusives to the public through his Facebook page also claimed that western countries prefer to replace the frail Kagame with Louise Mushikwiwabo.

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